Rolleiflex SL66 system


Rolleiflex SL66 series cameras were one of the most advanced 6x6 SLR cameras ever developed for the professional or dedicated amateur. Many brilliant features and innovations set them apart from all other medium-format cameras: built-in bellows, a tilting lens board for greater depth control, and reversible interchangeable lenses are just a few. The result is a fast, responsive, easy-to-use instrument - a truly universal system that will handle any challenge.

Carl Zeiss lenses for Rolleiflex SL66 series cameras represent true state-of-the-art optical design. Because a leaf shutter did not have to be incorporated into each lens, Zeiss were able to create lenses that are lighter in weight, sturdier, and less expensive than conventional medium-format SLR lenses.

Camera lineup

Rolleiflex SL66 mount lens lineup

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