35mm SLR system • Discontinued


A 35mm SLR system created on the basis of Nikon developments and produced by the Arsenal Plant (Kiev, USSR). The choice of the prototype, apparently, was dictated by the availability of a large amount of Nikon equipment purchased for government publishing houses, and the desire to ensure compatibility with this equipment.


  • Kiev-17 - the first Soviet SLR with a vertical travel focal plane shutter, which had an original design and did not violate any foreign patent. At the same time, however, the camera was equipped with a bayonet mount, which was a complete copy of the original F mount, used in Nikon 35mm SLR cameras. Another characteristic of the camera was that it did not have an exposure meter, while the finder was fixed;
  • Kiev-20 - as the Kiev-17, but with TTL open-aperture 2-cell CdS exposure metering and LED indicators in the viewfinder;
  • Kiev-19 - a stripped-down version of the Kiev-20 with TTL stop-down exposure metering, shutter speeds range reduced to 1/2 - 1/500 sec., without a self-timer and double exposure feature;
  • Kiev-19M - as the Kiev-19, but with TTL open-aperture exposure metering and a detachable handgrip.


The core of the lens line consisted of the following models: Helios-81M 53/2 (aka Helios-81N 50/2) (MC) standard lens, Mir-20N 20/3.5 MC and Mir-24N 35/2 MC wide-angle lenses, Kaleinar-5N 100/2.8 MC and Telear-N 200/3.5 telephoto lenses, and the Granit-11N 80-200/4.5 MC telephoto zoom lens.

The operating instructions for Kiev-17 and Kiev-20 cameras also mention the Volna-4 50/1.4 (MC) standard lens, however, apparently, it was not mass-produced.

Of course, it was also possible to use "A" series lenses with interchangeable mounts, as well as original Nikon F mount lenses.

Nikon F mount lens list

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