Soviet lenses


Volna 50mm F/1.8 MC ⌀46 1980 
ZM-3B 600mm F/8Pro
Mir-20N 20mm F/3.5 MCPro
Mir-24N 35mm F/2 MC ⌀58
Helios-81N 50mm F/2 MC ⌀49
aka Helios-81M 53mm F/2 [MC]
aka Helios-81N 53mm F/2
Granit-11N 80-200mm F/4.5 [MC] ⌀58
Kaleinar-5N 100mm F/2.8 MC ⌀52
Telear-N 200mm F/3.5 ⌀62
Helios-94 50mm F/1.8 ⌀49
Helios-103 53mm F/1.8 ⌀40.5
Multi-system lenses (50)
BelOMO Peleng A 8mm F/3.5 Fisheye MC [T]Pro
Zodiak-2M-2 15mm F/3.5 Fisheye MC 1979 
Zenitar 16mm F/2.8 Fisheye MC 1990 
BelOMO Peleng A 17mm F/2.8 Fisheye MC [T]
Russar MR-2 20mm F/5.6 ⌀49Pro 1958 
Mir-47 20mm F/2.5 MCPro
Orion-15 28mm F/6 1960 
Mir-10A 28mm F/3.5 [T] ⌀67
Zodiak-8 30mm F/3.5 FisheyePro
Jupiter-12 35mm F/2.8 ⌀40.5 1950 
Mir-1 37mm F/2.8 ⌀49
Mir-1A 37mm F/2.8 [T] ⌀52 1972 
Mir-26 45mm F/3.5 ⌀82Pro
Industar-50 50mm F/3.5 ⌀33
Industar-22 50mm F/3.5
Industar-22 50mm F/3.5Collapsible 1948 
Industar-50 50mm F/3.5 ⌀33Collapsible 1953 
Industar-26M 50mm F/2.8 ⌀40.5 1954 
Jupiter-8 50mm F/2 ⌀40.5 1947 
Zenitar-M 50mm F/1.9 MC ⌀52 1991 
Jupiter-3 50mm F/1.5 ⌀40.5 1948 
Industar-61[L/D] 52mm F/2.8 ⌀40.5
Mir-38 65mm F/3.5 ⌀72Pro
Mir-3 65mm F/3.5Pro
Volna-3 80mm F/2.8 MC ⌀62Pro
Jupiter-9 85mm F/2 ⌀49 1951 
Vega-12 90mm F/2.8 ⌀58Pro
Vega-28 120mm F/2.8 MC ⌀62Pro
Jupiter-11 135mm F/4 ⌀40.5
Jupiter-11A 135mm F/4 ⌀52
Jupiter-37A 135mm F/3.5 [MC] [T] ⌀52
Tair-11A 135mm F/2.8 [T] ⌀55
Kaleinar-3 150mm F/2.8 ⌀82Pro
Telemar-22A 200mm F/5.6 [T] ⌀49
Jupiter-21A 200mm F/4 [T] ⌀58
Telear-5 250mm F/5.6 MC ⌀62Pro
Jupiter-36 250mm F/3.5 ⌀82Pro
Rubinar 300mm F/4.5 Mirror MC Macro ⌀77
Tair-3A 300mm F/4.5 [T] ⌀72Pro
Tair-33 300mm F/4.5 ⌀88Pro
Rubinar 500mm F/8 Mirror MC Macro ⌀77
ZM-5A 500mm F/8 [MC] [T] ⌀77
ZM-6A 500mm F/6.3 [MC] [T] ⌀95
Rubinar 500mm F/5.6 Mirror MC Macro ⌀105
MTO-500A 550mm F/8.5 [T] ⌀77
Rubinar 1000mm F/10 Mirror MC Macro ⌀116
MTO-11SA 1000mm F/10 MC [T] ⌀116
MTO-11 1000mm F/10 MC [T] ⌀120
MTO-1000A 1100mm F/10.5 [T] ⌀120
MTO-1000AM 1100mm F/10.5 [T] ⌀120
Industar-29 80mm F/2.8 ⌀58Pro
Variozenitar-K 25-45mm F/2.8-3.5 MC A60
Helios-77K-4 50mm F/1.8 [MC] ⌀52
Helios-44K-4 58mm F/2 [MC] ⌀52
Oberon-11K 200mm F/2.8 MC ⌀72
APO Telezenitar-K 300mm F/4.5 MC ⌀72Pro
Mir-20M 20mm F/3.5 [MC]Pro 1973 
Mir-24M 35mm F/2 [MC] ⌀58 1976 
Mir-1V 37mm F/2.8 ⌀49
Industar-50-2 50mm F/3.5 ⌀35.5
Volna-9 50mm F/2.8 MC Macro ⌀521:2 @ 0.24m
Industar-61 L/Z 50mm F/2.8 [MC] ⌀49
Industar-61M 50mm F/2.8 ⌀52
Helios-77M-4 50mm F/1.8 MC ⌀52
Zenitar-M 50mm F/1.7 [MC] ⌀52 1977 
Zenitar-ME1 50mm F/1.7 MC ⌀52 1980 
Helios-44-2 58mm F/2 ⌀49
Helios-44M 58mm F/2 [MC] ⌀52 1972 
Jupiter-9 85mm F/2 [MC] ⌀49
Helios-40-2 85mm F/1.5 ⌀67
APO Telezenitar-M 135mm F/2.8 MC ⌀58Pro
Jupiter-6-2 180mm F/2.8 ⌀77
Jupiter-21M 200mm F/4 ⌀58
ZM-7K 300mm F/5.6 MC ⌀67
ZM-5SA 500mm F/8 MC ⌀72

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