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Leica CL system


The LEICA CL (Compact LEICA) is the first compact rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses and selective through-the-lens exposure metering. It was developed by LEITZ/LEICA in collaboration with Minolta. In the U.S. and Europe, the camera was sold as the LEICA CL. In Japan it was sold as the LEITZ minolta CL. All cameras were manufactured by Minolta in Japan.

The camera features a bayonet lens mount identical with that of the LEICA M models. The two lenses specially provided for LEICA CL are SUMMICRON-C 40mm F/2 and ELMAR-C 90mm F/4. The lenses for the LEITZ minolta CL were branded as M-ROKKOR.

Camera lineup

Leica M mount lens lineup

Wide-angle prime lenses
2.8 Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit-C 40mm F/2.8 S.5.5 1973 
2.0 Minolta M-Rokkor 40mm F/2 [CL] ⌀40.5Pancake lens 1972 
2.0 Leitz Wetzlar Summicron-C 40mm F/2 S.5.5Pancake lens 1973 
Short telephoto prime lenses
4.0 Leitz Wetzlar Elmar-C 90mm F/4 S.5.5 1973 
4.0 Minolta M-Rokkor 90mm F/4 [CL] ⌀40.5 1973 
Completeness of lens lineup
    Enthusiast photography

    No dedicated lenses for reportage photography, travel photography, distant subjects photography, wild nature photography.

    Professional photography

    No dedicated lenses for professional wild nature photography, architectural photography with perspective correction, professional macrophotography.

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