Leica CL

35mm rangefinder system • Discontinued

A short-lived 35mm rangefinder system created by LEITZ in collaboration with Minolta (Japan) and consisting of the LEICA CL ("Compact Leica"), a smaller version of the LEICA M5 with similar TTL exposure metering system, and two LEITZ lenses: Summicron-C 40/2 and Elmar-C 90/4. In Japan, the camera was marketed as LEITZ minolta CL and supplied with two Minolta lenses: M-Rokkor 40/2 and M-Rokkor 90/4, which were optically identical to the LEITZ lenses, the only difference being the use of 40.5mm filters and hood instead of Series 5.5 filters and special hood. The LEICA CL also accepted most Leica M series lenses from 28mm to 135mm, and such accessories as close-up equipment and microscope adapters. Production of the camera lasted only three years (1973-1976) and took place at Minolta's factory in Osaka, Japan. LEITZ discontinued the LEICA CL because its relatively low price and compact size made it a significant competitor to the M series cameras.

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