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What is this website about? is a database of autofocus and popular manual lenses for 35mm single-lens reflex, mirrorless and rangefinder cameras. It’s an independent non-commercial project: we are not affiliated with any photographic equipment manufacturers or other commercial organizations. It’s a credible project: information about lenses is unified and added to the database by a small but constant group of experts in the photographic equipment. Our mission is simple: to help you to quickly and conveniently choose the optimal lens for your camera. We provide you with an unprecedented range of services and features you will not find on any other websites dedicated to photographic lenses.

What lenses won’t be added to the database?

We don’t add:

  • lenses designed for formats larger than 35mm or smaller than APS-C,
  • lenses of little-known brands,
  • Soviet lenses (Granit, Helios, Industar, Jupiter, Kaleinar, Mir, Peleng, Rubinar, Russar, Tair, Telear, Telemar, Vega, Volna, Yantar, Zenitar, Zodiak etc),
  • lenses made by Chinese manufacturers (except for Venus Optics),
  • clones, copies, rebadges and rebrands,
  • specialized lenses (projection, cine, enlargement, CCTV etc), except for consumer fisheye, macro and shift lenses,
  • prototype lenses,
  • interchangeable mount lenses (Komura Unidapter, Tamron Adapt-A-Matic, Adaptall, Adaptall-2 etc),
  • lenses with Contax RF, DKL, Exacta, M37, Minolta V, Nikon S, Petri, Practica B or Yashica MA mounts,
  • module lenses (focusing units with interchangeable heads),
  • mirror/reflex lenses.

Why don’t you have 4/3, Micro 4/3, Nikon 1, Pentax Q, Samsung NX Mini systems in your database?

In our opinion, because of the small size of the sensors, cameras of these systems compete only with compact cameras with non-interchangeable lenses rather than with interchangeable-lens cameras with APS-C or larger sensors. In our opinion, these systems cannot belong to our database.

Do you sell cameras, lenses or other photographic equipment?

No, we don’t sell anything. Nevertheless, there can be links to online stores or private sellers of photographic equipment on the pages of our website, which we consider reliable and whose services we often use when we want to purchase photographic equipment.

Can I help you somehow?

Sure. You can tell us about lenses that are not in our database, but deserve to be in it. Use the “Contact” page to send message to website administration with specifications and descriptions of those lenses.

You can also support this website by donating any amount of money at your discretion to (PayPal).

Can you show my ads on your website?

Yes, it’s possible, but the advertised goods, works or services should be related to photographic equipment. Please contact website administration through the “Contact” page to discuss terms and conditions.

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