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Fujifilm G system

The FUJIFILM GFX system delivers image quality among the best in the industry. It combines outstanding resolution with exceptional tones, advanced color reproduction and high-performance lenses. This level of image quality is inspirational.

The GFX cameras are a product of Fujifilm's rich history, cutting-edge digital technology and extensive knowledge of medium format film cameras. Boasting a high resolution and paired with high-performance GF lenses, the sensor delivers superior tones and sharpness that will surpass the expectations of most professional photographers shooting commercials, fashion or landscapes.

The GFX system uses the G Mount, which has a mount diameter of 65mm, flange back distance of 26.7mm and minimum back focus distance of 16.7mm. It supports a wide variety of lenses and accessories. The short back focus distance affords greater freedom in lens design and allows the development of fast, compact and high-performance GF lenses while preventing vignetting to deliver edge-to-edge sharpness.

Camera lineup

Fujifilm G mount lens lineup

Fisheye lenses
Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
4.0 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 23mm F/4 R LM WR ⌀82Pro 2017 
3.5 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 30mm F/3.5 R WR ⌀58Pro 2020 
Wide-angle prime lenses
2.8 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 45mm F/2.8 R WR ⌀62Pro 2017 
3.5 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 50mm F/3.5 R LM WR ⌀62Pro 2019 
Standard prime lenses
2.8 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 63mm F/2.8 R WR ⌀62Pro 2017 
Short telephoto prime lenses
1.7 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 80mm F/1.7 R WR ⌀77Pro 2021 
2.0 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 110mm F/2 R LM WR ⌀77Pro 2017 
Medium telephoto prime lenses
4.0 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 250mm F/4 R LM OIS WR ⌀82Pro 2018 
Super telephoto prime lenses
Macro lenses
4.0 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 120mm F/4 R LM OIS WR Macro ⌀721:2Pro 2017 
Shift lenses
Wide-angle zoom lenses
Standard zoom lenses
4.0 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 32-64mm F/4 R LM WR ⌀77Pro 2017 
4.5 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 35-70mm F/4.5-5.6 WR ⌀62Pro 2021 
4.0 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 45-100mm F/4 R LM OIS WR ⌀82Pro 2020 
Telephoto zoom lenses
5.6 Fujifilm Fujinon GF 100-200mm F/5.6 R LM OIS WR ⌀67Pro 2019 
Superzoom lenses

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