Bronica SQ system


Bronica SQ series are manually operating 6x6cm SLR cameras built to satisfy all the needs of professional photographers who works with hand-held exposure meters, studio and/or portable electronic flash units and various types of accessories. Among the many professional features of Bronica SQ series is flash synchronization at all shutter speeds, up to the fastest 1/500sec., which is one of the greatest advantage of the lens-shutter SLR camera.

Zenzanon-S lenses are symbolized with an orange-colored "Line of Distinction" and are noted for their great resolving power, superior image quality and great range of depiction. The natural color reproduction and superb color balance obtained by using the Zenzanon-S lenses are widely acclaimed by professional photographers. The Zenzanon-PS lenses take full advantage of MTF technology in their design, and have overall improvement in optical performance.

Camera lineup

Bronica SQ mount lens lineup

Lenses found: 25
Fisheye lenses
Zenza Bronica Fisheye Zenzanon-PS 35mm F/3.5 [SQ]Pro 1996 
Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S 40mm F/4 [SQ] ⌀95Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 40mm F/4 [SQ] ⌀95Pro
Wide-angle prime lenses
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S 50mm F/3.5 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 50mm F/3.5 [SQ] ⌀77Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 65mm F/4 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Standard prime lenses
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S 80mm F/2.8 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 80mm F/2.8 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S 105mm F/3.5 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Short telephoto prime lenses
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 135mm F/4 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 150mm F/4 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S 150mm F/3.5 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 180mm F/4.5 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S 200mm F/4.5 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 200mm F/4.5 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Medium telephoto prime lenses
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S 250mm F/5.6 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 250mm F/5.6 [SQ] ⌀67Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S 500mm F/8 [SQ] ⌀95Pro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 500mm F/8 [SQ] ⌀122Pro
Macro lenses
Zenza Bronica Macro Zenzanon-PS 110mm F/4 [SQ] ⌀671:4Pro
Standard zoom lenses
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS 50-100mm F/4-5.6 [SQ] ⌀95Pro 2002 
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S Variogon 75-150mm F/4.5 [SQ] S.9aPro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS Variogon 75-150mm F/4.5 [SQ] S.9aPro
Telephoto zoom lenses
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-S Variogon 140-280mm F/5.6 [SQ] S.9aPro
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon-PS Variogon 140-280mm F/5.6 [SQ] S.9aPro

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