Pentax 6×7 system


Regardless of the subject, photography with Pentax 6x7 combined unmatched image quality with maximum handling ease. From its very inception Pentax 6x7 camera was designed to incorporate all of the outstanding features of a 35mm SLR, including precise eye-level operation and an electronic focal plane shutter. And enhancing its versatility even more was a wide array of interchangeable lenses: from ultra-wide to telephoto, from fish-eye to macro. Like the camera, they were also designed along 35mm SLR lines, featuring a bayonet mount for quick changes and an automatic diaphragm action on most models. All 6x7 lenses were treated with Super-Multi-Coating and retained their crisp sharpness and dramatic contrast even in the harshest lighting conditions.

Camera lineup

Pentax 6x7 mount lens lineup

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