Pentax 6×7

Medium format 6x7 SLR system • Discontinued


Regardless of the subject, photography with Pentax 6x7 combined unmatched image quality with maximum handling ease. From its very inception the camera was designed to incorporate all of the outstanding features of a 35mm SLR.


  • Pentax 6×7 - a medium format SLR with dual bayonet-type mount, electronically controlled focal plane shutter with top speed of 1/1000th of a second, interchangeable viewfinders and focusing screens;
  • Pentax 6×7 (MLU) - an improved model with mirror lock-up;
  • Pentax 67 - a model with minor cosmetic changes;
  • Pentax 67 II - a model with built-in right-hand grip, self-timer, multi-exposure mode, and various small improvements. A new AE finder for this model offered aperture-priority automatic exposure mode, spot and 6-segment multi-pattern metering modes along with the center-weighted averaging metering mode, and exposure compensation dial.


Enhancing the camera's versatility even more was a wide array of interchangeable lenses: from ultra-wide to telephoto, from fish-eye to macro. Like the camera, they were also designed along 35mm SLR lines, featuring a bayonet mount for quick changes and an automatic diaphragm action on most models. All 6x7 lenses retained their crisp sharpness and dramatic contrast even in the harshest lighting conditions.

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