Leica S

Medium format 45x30 SLR system


The Leica S-System was conceived exclusively for digital photography from the ground up, and offers professional photographers a unique combination of functional advantages. It unites the imaging quality of a medium-format camera with the mobility, speed and versatility of a 35mm camera. The innovative Leica ProFormat with its 45×30mm sensor dimensions simultaneously enables compact camera design and a resolution of details at a much higher level than would ever have been possible in 35mm format. At the same time, it preserves the familiar aspect ratio of 3:2, which enables a clear distinction between portrait and landscape formats, and is ideal for use in all contemporary media. The Leica S-System – an ideal symbiosis of ergonomics and performance.

The design and form of the Leica S camera guarantees the superior speed and versatility needed for working on the move and in the studio. Its sophisticated ergonomic concept relies on a minimum number of controls that ensures perfect handling at all times, even in the most hectic situations. Thanks to its compact form and extraordinarily fast lenses, the S lets photographers achieve typical medium-format quality, even when shooting without a tripod and in available-light situations. Its fast autofocus, fine-tuned for maximum precision by Leica, is a further guarantee for perfectly sharp and richly detailed images. The body, the lenses and all other components of the S-System are sealed against dust and spray, are extremely robust and are built with a long working life in mind. The exposed glass surfaces of all S-Lenses also feature Leica’s water and dirt repellent AquaDura coating, which prevents the adhesion of drops of water and particles of dirt.

The S-System lenses are specifically designed and constructed for use on a digital camera. The exceptionally fast lenses offer photographers everything they could wish for at all apertures and distances. No matter what the shooting distance, the S offers the highest optical performance at maximum aperture, so photographers can rely on the superior performance of S-Lenses in every situation. The central shutter versions of all the S-Lenses enable particular flexibility in the creative use of light – in every situation, whether on location or in a studio setting.

Every Leica S-Lens also has its own integrated processor for all control functions of the autofocus. At the same time, the photographer can override the autofocus at any time and set the distance manually with the focusing ring.

Camera list

Medium format digital SLR cameras with the Leica S mount (5):

Leica S mount lens list

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