Mamiya RZ67

Medium format 6x7 SLR system • Discontinued


A medium format 6x7cm film SLR system that offered high quality performance, handling convenience and versatility required for professional photography. It consisted of 3 models of the RZ67 series:

  • RZ67 Professional - a medium format 6x7cm SLR with built-in revolving back and bellows focusing;
  • RZ67 Professional II - a model with upgraded electronic components;
  • RZ67 Professional IID - a model with a built-in electronic interface for digital camera backs and support of Metz SCA system through a hot shoe on the camera body.

The RZ67 series cameras were developed as complete modular system cameras, with a very high degree of interchangeability in lenses, finders, focusing screens, film holders and backs, plus a full range of other valuable accessories which permitted their use in many other day-to-day assignments. Moreover, the RZ67 series cameras could use many of the RB67 components, such as backs (with adapters) and lenses (mounted directly, however, the bellows must be extended 7mm in order to focus the lens at infinity). No wonder the Mamiya RZ67 series cameras became the industry standard used by many most renowed photographers and artists.

A wide range of lenses from the 37mm fisheye to the 500mm medium telephoto were available in the system, including special application lenses for PC shift, Variable Flat Field Macro, Zoom, and an unparalleled series of RZ APO telephotos. The lens designs incorporated a Seiko #1 between-lens shutter, with the electronic control mechanism in the main camera body, which also provided full flash synchronization at all shutter speeds up to 1/400 sec.

Entirely new optical designs combined with the shorter flange back and larger lens mount diameter of RZ67 series cameras offered superlative optical quality. The optical performance of each lens approached perfection - in overall resolution, in color balance and contrast, in correction of all aberrations, in every possible optical standard. All lenses were multi-coated to eliminate flare and/or ghost images.

Initially, Mamiya-Sekor Z-series lenses were produced with an aperture ring with full stops only. Later, Mamiya modified these lenses by adding half stops, after which the lens names were supplemented with the letter "W". Optically, Non-W and W lenses were the same. The newer Mamiya APO-Sekor series and Mamiya M-series lenses had half stops from the very beginning of their production.

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