Macro bellows lenses



Asahi Bellows-TAKUMAR 100mm F/4 [360, 43600] ⌀49Pro 1964 
Asahi Super-Multi-Coated Bellows-TAKUMAR 100mm F/4 [43601] [Mod. M42] ⌀49Pro 1971 
Canon FLM Bellows 100mm F/4 ⌀48Pro 1969 
Carl Zeiss Bellows Tessar 115mm F/3.5 (1550 units) B56Pro 1962 
Yashica ML Bellows 100mm F/4 ⌀52Pro 1976 
Carl Zeiss Bellows S-Planar T* 100mm F/4 [AE] E55Pro 1978 
Schneider-Kreuznach Bellows Symmar-S 135mm F/5.6 MC ⌀49Pro
Schneider-Kreuznach Bellows Symmar-S 180mm F/5.6 MC ⌀62Pro
Carl Zeiss Bellows S-Planar [T*] 135mm F/5.6 C B50Pro
Carl Zeiss Bellows Makro-Planar T* 135mm F/5.6 CF B60Pro 1982 
Konica Bellows Macro-HEXANON AR 105mm F/4 ⌀55Pro 1973 
Leitz Wetzlar / Leitz Canada Bellows Macro-ELMAR 100mm F/4 S.VIIPro 1968 
Minolta Auto Bellows Macro [ROKKOR] 50mm F/3.5Pro 1979 
Minolta Auto Bellows ROKKOR 100mm F/4 ⌀55Pro 1968 
Minolta Auto Bellows Macro [ROKKOR] 100mm F/4Pro 1980 
Minolta Bellows ROKKOR-TC 135mm F/4 LSM ⌀46Pro 1961 
Nikon Bellows NIKKOR-P 105mm F/4 ⌀52Pro 1970 
Nikon Bellows NIKKOR-Q 135mm F/4 [Reflex housing] S.VIIPro 1958 
Olympus OM ZUIKO Bellows Auto-Macro 20mm F/2Pro 1983 
Olympus OM ZUIKO Bellows Auto-Macro 38mm F/2.8Pro 1983 
Olympus OM ZUIKO [MC] Bellows Macro 80mm F/4 ⌀49Pro 1972 
Olympus OM ZUIKO [MC] Bellows Auto-Macro 80mm F/4 ⌀49Pro 1980 
Olympus OM ZUIKO [MC] Bellows Auto-Macro 135mm F/4.5 ⌀55Pro 1980 
smc Pentax Bellows 100mm F/4 ⌀52Pro 1975 
Ricoh Bellows RIKENON 135mm F/3.5 ⌀49Pro
Schneider-Kreuznach Bellows Makro Apo-Symmar HFT 150mm F/4.6 PQ BVIPro
Third party lenses (2)
Novoflex Auto Bellows Macro Noflexar 60mm F/4 ⌀52Pro
Novoflex Auto Bellows Noflexar 105mm F/4 ⌀52Pro
Tokyo Kogaku Bellows Macro-TOPCOR 58mm F/3.5 ⌀49Pro
Tokyo Kogaku Bellows Macro-TOPCOR 135mm F/4 ⌀49Pro

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