Exakta Twin TL

35mm SLR system • Discontinued


A 35mm SLR system produced for Ihagee Kamerawerk A.G. (West Germany) by Cosina (Japan). The Exakta Twin TL had the same enlarged bayonet mount as the Exakta real, a short-lived camera produced in 1966-1967 by Ihagee Kamerawerk A.G. The reducing adapter was available to take the older Exakta lenses in their smaller bayonet mount without changing the film plane / lens mount register. Unlike the real, the Twin TL had a built-in TTL stop-down CdS exposure meter with a match-needle system, and a fixed pentaprism.

Given the competition that existed in the early 1970s, the Twin TL failed to become a popular camera, so a M42 screw mount version, the Twin TL 42, was also released.

The following 20 lenses were produced for the Exakta Twin TL with the bayonet mount:

  • COSINA: Exaktar 28/2.8, Exaktar 35/2.8, Exaktar 50/1.8, Exaktar 55/1.4, Exaktar 58/1.2, Exaktar 135/2.8, Exaktar 200/3.5, Exaktar 300/5, Vario-Exaktar 45-135/3.5, Vario-Exaktar 78-205/3.5;
  • SCHACHT: S-Travegon 35/2.8, S-Travelon 50/1.8, Travenar 90/2.8, Travenar 135/3.5,
  • SCHNEIDER: Curtagon 28/4, Curtagon 35/2.8, Xenon 50/1.9, Tele-Xenar 135/3.5, Variogon 45-100/2.8, Tele-Variogon 80-240/4.

Many, if not all, of these lenses were also available in screw mount versions for the Twin TL 42.

Please note that lenses under the Exaktar brand were produced on the world market not only by Cosina, but also by several other manufacturers (not for the Twin TL), so it is important to be able to distinguish Exaktars produced by Cosina from other Exaktars. On the page dedicated to the screw-mount Auto Cosinon 55mm F/1.4 (MC) lens you can see what distinctive barrel style these Cosina-made Exaktar lenses had. Since these lenses were produced in small quantities, it is almost impossible to find them on the secondary market.

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