Kowa Six system


Kowa's medium format system consisting of fast-handling 6x6 film SLR cameras with modular design. Reflecting the innovative skills acquired over decades of practical experience in making sophisticated optical systems for industrial, medical/scientific, video, and motion-picture applications, Kowa engineers created an integrated system consisting of automatic lenses from 19mm to 500mm. A welcome advantage in literally scores of applications is the precision ten-speed Seiko SLV #0 leaf shutter. This reliable, between-the-lens metal shutter offers speeds from 1 to 1/500 second plus "T", with full synchronization for electronic or conventional flash of any kind at any speed.

Camera lineup

Kowa Six mount lens lineup

Lenses found: 12
Fisheye lenses
Kowa 19mm F/4.5 Fish-eye6x6Pro
Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
Kowa 35mm F/4.5 ⌀956x6Pro
Kowa 40mm F/4 ⌀956x6Pro
Wide-angle prime lenses
Kowa 55mm F/3.5 (II) ⌀676x6Pro
Kowa 55mm F/3.5 (I) ⌀866x6Pro
Standard prime lenses
Kowa 85mm F/2.8 ⌀676x6Pro
Short telephoto prime lenses
Kowa 150mm F/3.5 (II) ⌀676x6Pro
Kowa 150mm F/3.5 (I) ⌀776x6Pro
Kowa 200mm F/4.5 ⌀676x6Pro
Medium telephoto prime lenses
Kowa 250mm F/5.6 ⌀676x6Pro
Kowa 500mm F/8 ⌀956x6Pro
Macro lenses
Kowa 110mm F/5.6 Macro ⌀676x61:5Pro

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