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Mamiya RB67 system


The Mamiya RB67 series, the world's first medium format 6x7cm single lens reflex with unique revolving back, was first introduced in 1970. Its unique built-in revolving back and bellows focusing made it an instant success that lasted for decades to a world-wide status as the "workhorse of the pros".

Mamiya RB67 series lenses were available in focal lengths ranging from fisheye to extreme telephoto, and include special application lenses for Variable Soft Focus, PC shift, Variable Flat Field Macro, Zoom, and an exceptional series of K/L APO Series apochromatic telephotos. K/L series lenses were optically identical to the ultra-high performance RZ series lens designs, while they utilized fully mechanical leaf shutters.

Camera lineup

Mamiya RB67 mount lens lineup

Fisheye lenses
4.5 Fish-Eye Mamiya-Sekor C 37mm F/4.5 [RB67]Pro
Wide-angle prime lenses
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor C 50mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor 50mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor C 65mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor 65mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.0 Mamiya K/L 65mm F/4 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro 1991 
3.5 Mamiya K/L 75mm F/3.5 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro 1991 
Standard prime lenses
3.8 Mamiya-Sekor C 90mm F/3.8 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
3.8 Mamiya-Sekor 90mm F/3.8 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
3.5 Mamiya K/L 90mm F/3.5 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro 1991 
Short telephoto prime lenses
3.8 Mamiya-Sekor C 127mm F/3.8 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
3.8 Mamiya-Sekor 127mm F/3.8 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
3.5 Mamiya K/L 127mm F/3.5 L-A “50th Anniversary” [RB67 Pro-SD]Pro 1990 
3.5 Mamiya K/L 127mm F/3.5 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro 1991 
4.0 Mamiya-Sekor SF C 150mm F/4 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
3.5 Mamiya K/L 150mm F/3.5 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor C 180mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor 180mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 Mamiya K/L 180mm F/4.5 L-A [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 APO Mamiya K/L 210mm F/4.5 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro 1991 
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor 250mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor C 250mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 Mamiya K/L 250mm F/4.5 L-A [RB67] ⌀77Pro
4.5 APO Mamiya K/L 250mm F/4.5 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro 1991 
Medium telephoto prime lenses
5.6 APO Mamiya K/L 350mm F/5.6 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro 1991 
6.3 Mamiya-Sekor 360mm F/6.3 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
6.3 Mamiya-Sekor C 360mm F/6.3 [RB67] ⌀77Pro
6.0 Mamiya K/L 360mm F/6 L [RB67] ⌀77Pro
8 Mamiya-Sekor 500mm F/8 [RB67] ⌀105Pro
8 Mamiya-Sekor C 500mm F/8 [RB67] ⌀105Pro
6.0 APO Mamiya L 500mm F/6 L [RB67 Pro-SD] ⌀105Pro 1991 
Macro lenses
4.5 Mamiya-Sekor Macro C 140mm F/4.5 [RB67] ⌀771:3 @ CFD 0.754mPro
4.5 Mamiya MACRO K/L 140mm F/4.5 M/L-A [RB67] ⌀771:3 @ CFD 0.76mPro
Shift lenses
4.5 Mamiya SHIFT L 75mm F/4.5 S/L [RB67 Pro-SD] ⌀105Pro 1991 
Telephoto zoom lenses
5.2 Mamiya-Sekor C 100-200mm F/5.2 W [RB67] ⌀77Pro

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