Tamron Adaptall lenses

A line of lenses with interchangeable mount, fully automatic diaphragm and open-aperture meter coupling (not available with the Adapt-A-Matic system). Shutter preferred cameras required a separate Adaptall mount for each lens with a different maximum aperture; the Adaptall-2 system introduced in 1979 eliminated this inconvenience.

Third party lenses (22)
Tamron 24mm F/2.5 CW-24 [Adaptall] ⌀55 1976 
Tamron 28mm F/2.8 CW-28 [Adaptall] ⌀52 1976 
Tamron 35-80mm F/2.8-3.5 QZ-35M [Adaptall] ⌀62Push/pull 1978 
Tamron 38-100mm F/3.5 SZ-38 [Adaptall] 1973 
Tamron 38-100mm F/3.5 CZ-38M [Adaptall] ⌀67 1976 
Tamron 70-150mm F/3.8 CZ-715 [Adaptall] ⌀52 1976 
Tamron 70-150mm F/3.5 CZ-150 [Adaptall] ⌀52 1976 
Tamron 70-150mm F/3.5 QZ-150M [Adaptall] ⌀52 1978 
Tamron 70-220mm F/3.8 Z-220 [Adaptall] ⌀62 1973 
Tamron 70-350mm F/4.5 CZ-735 [Adaptall] ⌀82 1976 
Tamron 80-250mm F/3.8-4.5 CZ-825 [Adaptall] ⌀62 1976 
Tamron 80-250mm F/3.8-4.5 QZ-250M [Adaptall] ⌀62 1978 
Tamron 80-250mm F/3.8 Z-250 [Adaptall] 1973 
Tamron 85-210mm F/4.5 Z-210 [Adaptall] ⌀55 1973 
Tamron 85-210mm F/4.5 CZ-210M [Adaptall] ⌀55 1976 
Tamron 85-210mm F/4.5 QZ-210M [Adaptall] ⌀55 1978 
Tamron 105mm F/2.5 CT-105 [Adaptall] ⌀52 1976 
Tamron 135mm F/2.8 CT-135 [Adaptall] ⌀55 1976 
Tamron 200mm F/3.5 CT-200 [Adaptall] ⌀62 1976 
Tamron 200-500mm F/6.9 Z-500 [Adaptall] ⌀82 1973 
Tamron 200-500mm F/6.9 CZ-500 [Adaptall] ⌀82 1976 
Tamron 300mm F/5.6 CT-300 [Adaptall] ⌀58Pro 1976 

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