Minolta SR

35mm SLR system • Discontinued



A really complete 35mm photographic system which consisted of film SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses, including many zoom and special-purpose types, from 7.5mm fisheye to 1600mm extreme telephoto, all made by Minolta. Judged by any standards, Minolta SLR cameras and lenses were thoroughly professional instruments of uncompromising quality. The object of the Minolta SLR system was to give every photographer, of no matter what skill, a creative choice in all areas of photography.

The Minolta SR lens system was composed of five different series of lenses:

  • The Rokkor series - manual pre-set lenses meaning that the aperture always remains as it set manually (before, during and after exposure);
  • The Auto-Rokkor series - fully automatic lenses. The diaphragm remains at maximum aperture until the shutter release button is pressed, closes down automatically for exposure at the pre-set aperture, then re-opens automatically for the next exposure;
  • The MC Rokkor series - lenses equipped with a meter coupler to permit exposure measurement and setting at maximum aperture. Originally introduced for the Minolta SRT101;
  • The MD Rokkor series - introduced for the Minolta XD11 that added shutter-priority auto exposure mode;
  • The new MD series - lenses equipped with the aperture lock on the aperture ring. Originally introduced for the Minolta X-700 that added programmed auto exposure mode.

Minolta also produced MC/MD Celtic series lenses in the most used wideangle and telephoto focal lengths. They offered traditionally fine Minolta quality at popular prices.

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