Mamiya M645

Medium format 6x4.5 SLR system


Mamiya 645 series features fast and convenient 35mm handling, with a medium format negative size 2.7 times larger than 35mm. These cameras can take on virtually any assignment from fashion and beauty to travel and nature, from sports and photojournalism to architecture and advertising illustration, with superior results and convenient operation.


  • M645 - a SLR with electronically controlled focal plane shutter with top speed of 1/500th of a second, two shutter buttons (on the front below the lens mount and on a small ledge on top of the camera), interchangeable finder and screens, but non-interchangeable film back that accepted pre-loadable film inserts;
  • M645 1000S - as M645, but with top shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second, a self timer, and DoF preview button;
  • M645J - as M645, but without mirror lock-up and upper shutter release button, for export only.


  • M645 Super - a model with interchangeable film backs and a polycarbonate body (the earlier M645 bodies were metal);
  • 645 PRO - essentially the same as M645 Super, but with a sleeker, rounded, more contemporary look, and without mechanically-timed shutter speed;
  • 645 PRO TL - a model with TTL flash exposure automation;
  • 645E - a simplified model with a fixed metering prism finder and a fixed film chamber taking film inserts like the original M645.


  • 645AF - Mamiya's first autofocus camera with a modified mount incorporating electrical contacts to support autofocus lenses. Unlike the 645 PRO series, the camera body was made from aluminium, and both the power film winder and the AE prism viewfinder were built-in;
  • 645AFD - a model compatible with digital backs (not produced by Mamiya at the time);
  • 645AFD II - a model with a new, quieter focusing motor and a new focusing algorithm;
  • 645AFD III - a model with updated intercommunication protocol, a new, powerful and silent coreless motor that makes auto focusing faster and quieter, faster winding speed of 2 fps with the new HM402 film back, and support for nickel-metal hydride AA batteries in addition to the alkaline or lithium AA batteries.

The arsenal of Mamiya 645 series high performance lenses rivals the assortment of the most impressive 35mm SLR lines and can be divided into four series:

  • The C series - manual focus lenses designed for Mamiya M645, M645 1000S, M645J, M645 Super, 645 PRO, 645 PRO TL, 645E cameras. These lenses were available in two types: designs for focal plane shutter systems, and a selection of N/L series leaf shutter lenses providing full flash synch capability up to 1/500 sec. Special application lenses for PC shift, flat field macro, versatile zooms, and a set of high speed APO lenses were also available;
  • The Mamiya 645 AF series - autofocus lenses designed for the Mamiya 645AF camera;
  • The Mamiya SEKOR D AF series - autofocus lenses designed for Mamiya 645AFD, 645AFD II, 645AFD III cameras that supported digital backs. Like the C series, these are also available in two types: designs for focal plane shutter systems, and a selection of leaf shutter (LS) lenses providing full flash synch capability up to 1/800 or 1/1600 sec. (depending on digital back in use)
  • The Schneider-KREUZNACH AF LS series - the latest leaf shutter autofocus lenses designed for Mamiya 645DF, 645DF+ and Phase One XF cameras.

Mamiya 645 AF-mount cameras are backward compatible with the older C series lenses but the exposure metering can only be performed in the stop-down mode. At the same time, the AF lenses cannot be used on Mamiya M645, 645 PRO, 645E series manual focus cameras.

Camera list

Model Shutter Metering Modes Year
Medium format film SLR cameras with the Mamiya M645 mount (11)
Mamiya M645 E, 1/500 -- M 1975
Mamiya M645 1000S E, 1/1000 -- M 1976
Mamiya M645J E, 1/500 -- M 1979
Mamiya M645 Super E, 1/1000 -- M 1985
Mamiya 645 PRO E, 1/1000 -- M 1992
Mamiya 645 PRO TL E, 1/1000 -- M 1997
Mamiya 645AF E, 1/4000 TTL • OA PASM 1999
Mamiya 645E E, 1/1000 TTL • WA AM 2000
Mamiya 645AFD E, 1/4000 TTL • OA PASM 2002
Mamiya 645AFD II E, 1/4000 TTL • OA PASM 2005
Mamiya 645AFD III
aka Phase One 645AF
E, 1/4000 TTL • OA PASM 2008
Medium format digital SLR cameras with the Mamiya M645 mount (3)
Mamiya 645DF
aka Phase One 645DF
E, 1/4000 TTL • OA PASM 2009
Mamiya 645DF+
aka Phase One 645DF+
E, 1/4000 TTL • OA PASM 2012
Phase One XF E, 1/4000 TTL • OA PASM 2015

Mamiya M645 mount lens list

Teleconverter list

Accessories list

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