Fujica X

35mm SLR system • Discontinued

Fuji's 35mm film SLR system based on a new bayonet-type mount instead of the obsolete M42 screw mount which limited the implementation of many automatic functions.


  • AX-1 - a SLR with electronically controlled focal plane shutter with top speed of 1/1000th of a second, TTL open-aperture exposure metering, and aperture-priority automatic exposure mode only;
  • AX-3 - as AX-1, but also with manual exposure mode;
  • AX-5 - as AX-3, but also with programmed automatic and shutter-priority automatic exposure modes;
  • AX Multi Program - a programmed automatic exposure SLR with Normal, High speed priority and Depth-of-field priority modes.


  • STX-1 - a model based on the ST605N from the Fujica M42 screw mount system, with mechanical shutter with top speed of 1/700th of a second, TTL open-aperture exposure metering with match needle system, and manual exposure mode only;
  • STX-1N - as STX-1, but with LEDs in the viewfinder instead of a meter needle;
  • STX-2 - as STX-1, but with top shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second.


A wide range of X-Fujinon and X-Fujinar lenses were available in the system, from a 16mm fisheye to a 400mm super telephoto. DM-labeled lenses supported all automatic exposure modes available with the AX-5. The rest of the system's lenses could be used for full aperture metering and aperture-preferred automatic exposure mode.

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