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A small 35mm film rangefinder system developed by Chiyoda Kogaku (later known as Minolta). It consisted of 8 models of Minolta-35 series cameras with the Leica screw mount and some pioneering features like a combined rangefinder/viewfinder and a self-timer. An integral film take-up spool and a hinged back door enabled easier film loading compared to the bottom loading design of Leica rangefinder cameras. It should also be noted that the manufacturer initially chose the 24x32mm format in 1947, but gradually increased its size and brought it to the standard 24x36mm with the Model IIB in 1958.

A small number of Chiyoda/Chiyoko ROKKOR series lenses were released for the system. They ranged from the moderate wide-angle 35mm to the medium telephoto 135mm. The lenses were originally single-coated, but a multi-layer coating was applied over time and the corresponding (C) marking was added on their front rings.

Apart from the lenses listed on this page, the Tele ROKKOR 100mm F/3.5 and ROKKOR 35mm F/1.8 lenses were also produced in very small numbers along with the Model IIB.

Camera list

35mm film rangefinder cameras with the Leica screw mount (8):

Leica screw mount lens list

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Completeness of lens lineup
    Enthusiast photography
    Professional photography

    No dedicated lenses for architectural photography with perspective correction, professional macrophotography.

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