Search rules


  • Specify a brand name or a lens series (case does not matter);
  • If you are looking for a prime lens, specify the focal length (for example, 50mm). If you are looking for a zoom lens, specify the focal length range (for example, 24-70mm);
  • (Optionally) If you are looking for a lens or lenses with a specific speed, then specify the exact value. Valid formats are F/1.8, F1.8, or 1:1.8.

Separate each of the three components above with a space.

You can also improve your search query with keywords that may appear in the lens names. Don't forget to separate these keywords with spaces too.

NOTE: There is no need to include the qualifying words like "lens", "zoom", "wide", "tele", etc. in the search query, whether in singular or plural form. Also, do not indicate lens mount, lens type, or a format.

The more complex your search query, the less likely you will get results.

Ideally, your search query should look something like this:

Nikon 24-70mm CZ 50mm F/1.4 Tamron 90mm Macro Summicron-M 35mm F/2 ASPH.
You can type cz instead of Carl Zeiss or ZEISS
czj Carl Zeiss Jena
cv Cosina Voigtlander
sk Schneider-Kreuznach
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