Asahiflex M37 system


Japan's first 35mm SLR system. The first camera in the lineup - Asahiflex I (1952) - featured a quick-return mirror mechanism: when the shutter-release button was pressed, the mirror was raised and held in the raised position, and after releasing the shutter button, it returned to its original position, reopening the viewfinder. The Asahiflex IA, introduced in 1953, received standardized shutter speeds. The Asahiflex IIB (1954) was one of the first cameras with an instant-return mirror mechanism, which no longer required the release of the shutter button. Asahiflex IIA (1955) received an extended shutter speed range up to 1/2 sec.

All Asahiflex cameras used the original M37 screw mount. A small line of Takumar lenses was produced, consisting of compact standard and telephoto prime lenses, as well as a 500mm super telephoto lens. All lenses were equipped with preset diaphragm, with the exception of the 50/3.5 (1952) and 500mm, which had manual diaphragm.

Camera lineup

M37 mount lens lineup

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