Pentax K

35mm SLR system



A 35mm full-frame SLR system, which was very popular at the time. Initially, it was an extensive line of manual focus film cameras and lenses, but since 1987 it includes autofocus models, and since 2016 - digital cameras.

The lenses in the Pentax K system can be divided into six series:

  • smc Pentax (K) - first generation of smc Pentax bayonet mount lenses introduced together with Pentax K2, KX and KM 35mm film SLR cameras. They go from an ultra-wide 15mm to a super-telephoto 1000mm, and most of them were based on the SMC Takumar lenses;
  • smc Pentax-M - miniaturized lenses with average 20% less weight and length than their standard "K" counterparts, but with no sacrifice in quality of construction, resolution, durability or contrast. They were made primarily to match the feel and dimensions of the Pentax ME and MX cameras, one of the smallest and lightest 35mm SLRs of the time;
  • smc Pentax-A - developed to take full advantage of the Super A's six exposure modes. 'A' lenses have a new mount. Called the KA mount, it features extra electronic contacts for transmission of aperture information and automatic control of aperture settings. These contacts enabled the Super A's brain to determine the maximum aperture and the aperture currently set on the lens. 'A' lenses also have an Auto "A" seting on the aperture ring. When the ring is set to Auto, the camera can automatically change lens aperture in the Programmed AE and Shutter-priority AE modes;
  • smc Pentax-F - first generation of autofocus lenses designed for Pentax 35mm film SLR cameras with the Pentax KAF-mount. The aperture should be set to "A" (Auto) when the camera is used in the Programmed AE mode and also when the lens is used on the KA-mount camera;
  • smc Pentax-FA - second generation of autofocus lenses with the KAF2-mount and MTF program line support;
  • smc Pentax-D FA - the last generation of autofocus lenses with the KAF3-mount. These lenses are optimized for Pentax 35mm full frame digital SLR cameras but can be also used on Pentax 35mm film SLR cameras.

As for the current state of the system, it includes one base digital SLR model and a set of lenses consisting of older smc FA / D FA designs updated to the modern HD coating, several models of the professional * (star) series, and models created in collaboration with Tamron.

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