Yashica SM

35mm rangefinder system • Discontinued


A small system consisting of two fully manual 35mm rangefinder cameras with Leica screw mount, designed for amateur photographers, and a limited range of lenses - in addition to the standard lens, which existed in three versions with different optical formulas and speed, only two accessory lenses with focal lengths of 100mm and 135mm were also available.

Camera list

Model Shutter Metering Modes Year
35mm film rangefinder cameras with the Leica screw mount (2)
Yashica YF M, 1/1000 -- M 1959
Yashica YE M, 1/500 -- M 1959

Leica screw mount lens list

Table of contents
Completeness of lens lineup
    Enthusiast photography

    No dedicated lenses for landscape and architectural photography.

    Professional photography

    No dedicated lenses for architectural photography with perspective correction, professional macrophotography.

Similar systems

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