Exakta 6x6 (horizontal)

Medium format 6x6 SLR system • Discontinued


A short-lived medium format 6x6 SLR system consisting of the Exakta 6x6 camera first shown by Ihagee East at the Leipzig Spring Fair in 1939. The camera was designed to take take 12 exposures, 6x6cm each, on standard 120 roll film, and embodied all the dominant features of the Exakta Model B: shutter speeds range from 12 seconds up to 1/1000 second, self-timer, automatic film transport, supplementary magnifier, and built-in flash synchronization.

Production began in the second half of 1939, but was stopped already in November 1939 due to a poor design of the film transport mechanism, which could only be corrected by a new design. No more than 1,500 bodies were produced.

The following lenses for the Exakta 6x6 were mentioned in the Ihagee's literature:

  • Exaktar f:3.5, 8.5 cm
  • Xenar f:3.5, 8 cm
  • Primotar f:3.5, 8.5 cm
  • Tessar f:3.5, 8 cm
  • Tessar f:2.8, 8 cm
  • Primoplan f:1.9, 10 cm
  • Biotar f:2.0, 10 cm

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