Rolleiflex SLX/6000

Medium format 6x6 SLR system • Discontinued


With Rolleiflex SLX and 6000 series, the medium format photographer was equipped with a high-performance cameras, fully electronic and capable of taking a wide range of auxillary equipment, with many new features and the latest photographic innovations: the accurate and convenient medium format system cameras to meet every demand.


  • SLX - a SLR with fully electronic bayonet mount, between-the-lens shutter, TTL center-weighted open-aperture exposure metering, shutter-priority automatic exposure and manual exposure modes, drop-in film cassettes, interchangeable Polaroid or 6x4.5 backs, interchangeable finders and focusing screens, built-in motor drive;
  • 6006 - a model that added TTL flash metering, hot shoe, support for interchangeable film magazines with a built-in darkslide, plus multiple exposure with dedicated accessories;
  • 6006 mod 2 - as 6006, but with built-in support for multiple exposure;
  • 6008 professional - a model that added programmed automatic and aperture-priority automatic exposure modes, changed center-weighted metering method from integral to multi-zone, added spot and multi-spot metering methods, exposure bracketing, support for PQ lenses, and an action grip;
  • 6008 professional SRC 1000 - as 6008 professional, but with support for PQS lenses;
  • 6008 integral - a model with improved electronics, LED displays in the viewfinder, mirror lock-up and support for Master Control unit;
  • 6008 integral 2 - a model with illuminated LCD display, better flash metering and a built-in Master Control;
  • 6008 AF - an autofocus version of the 6008 integral 2;
  • Hy6 (aka Leaf AFi, Sinar Hy6) - an autofocus model developed for digital camera backs from Leaf and Sinar.


  • 6002 - as 6006, but with a fixed back and support for pre-loadable film cartridges;
  • 6003 SRC 1000 - as 6008 professional SRC 1000, but with a fixed back and support for pre-loadable film cartridges, without multi-spot metering method, without an action handgrip;
  • 6003 professional - as 6003 SRC 1000, but with improved electronics and mirror lock-up;
  • 6001 professional - a studio model without TTL exposure metering but with TTL autoflash control.


  • The non-PQ series - the first generation of leaf shutter lenses originally designed for the SLX. A built-in shutter mechanism synchronized with electronic flash at all shutter speeds from 30 seconds to 1/500th of a second;
  • The PQ series - the second generation models with Direct-Drive technology;
  • The PQS series - as the PQ series, but with top shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second;
  • The AF series - autofocus models designed for the 6008 AF;
  • The AFD series - autofocus models designed for the Hy6 only.

PQ and PQS lenses were the ideal combination of between-the-lens and focal-plane shutter technology, offering both wide apertures and fast top shutter speeds that were fully synchronized. Their outstanding features were optimum sharpness, color rendition and brilliance as well as reliability and high operating speed. The lenses utilised Rollei's unique direct drive exposure system. The camera's microprocessor controlled two linear motors that drove the iris diaphragm and the shutter. In the automatic modes they set all apertures and all shutter speeds (from 1/500 or 1/1000 to a full 30 sec) in a stepless range, with virtually no delay and with extreme precision.

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