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Hasselblad H system

Hasselblad H mount lens lineup

Lenses found: 12 | Discontinued lenses are not shown
Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
Hasselblad HCD 24mm F/4.849x37 2012
Hasselblad HCD 28mm F/449x37 2006
Hasselblad HC 35mm F/3.5 (Fujinon)6x4.5 2002
Wide-angle prime lenses
Hasselblad HC 50mm F/3.5 II6x4.5 2010
Standard prime lenses
Hasselblad HC 80mm F/2.8 (Fujinon)6x4.5 2002
Medium telephoto prime lenses
Hasselblad HC 100mm F/2.2 (Fujinon)6x4.5
Hasselblad HC 150mm F/3.2 N6x4.5
Hasselblad HC 210mm F/4 (Fujinon)6x4.5 2003
Telephoto prime lenses
Hasselblad HC 300mm F/4.5 (Fujinon)6x4.5
Macro lenses
Hasselblad HC 120mm F/4 Macro II6x4.51:1 2010
Standard zoom lenses
Hasselblad HCD 35-90mm F/4-5.6 Aspherical49x37 2008
Hasselblad HC 50-110mm F/3.5-4.5 (Fujinon)6x4.5 2002

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