Please be informed that the database of is NOT based on information from the websites listed below, but on information from websites, instruction manuals, brochures and ads by camera and lens manufacturers.

We are not responsible for the content of any linked website. The inclusion of a link does not imply the endorsement of the linked website by We provide these links only because we feel that some information from these websites might be helpful.

Reference / Databases

Manuals / Brochures / Ads

  • An online library of photo related PDF files by Pacific Rim Camera - Excellent!
  • Camera Manual Library by Butkus - the content of many instruction manuals in the HTML format is messed up after OCR, many instruction manuals are scanned incompletely and/or in poor quality, at the beginning of each PDF a "copyrighted" page is inserted that disallows the distribution of scanned material without the written permission of the author of the copyrighted page (Butkus). A first class example of how not to publish instruction manuals. However, it is listed here due to the large volume of material dedicated to cameras and lenses.
  • IanB Foto - User manuals and brochures for Bronica, Mamiya, Metz and and Fuji GX680 cameras and lenses

Guides / Overviews / Technical articles

Photography clubs


  • The Ultimate Asahi Pentax Screw Mount Guide 1952-1977 (1999) by Gerjan van Oosten
  • The Definitive Asahi Pentax Collector's Guide 1952-1977 (2021) by Gerjan van Oosten
  • Hasselblad System Compendium (2003) by Richard Nordin
  • The Hasselblad manual: Seventh Edition (2008) by Ernst Wildi
  • Leica collector's guide: 2nd edition (2005) by Dennis Laney
  • Leica M Compendium: Handbook of the Leica M System (1994) by Jonathan Eastland
  • Leica R Compendium: Handbook of the Leica R System (1995) by Jonathan Eastland
  • Identifying Leica Lenses: The Complete Pocket Guide to Buying and Selling Leica Lenses Like an Expert (1999) by Ghester Sartorius
  • Nikon F (trilogy) (2003) by Uli Koch
  • Nikon Compendium: Nikon Systems from 1917 (2011) by Simon Stafford
  • Nikon Rangefinder Camera: An Illustrated History (1993) by Robert Rotoloni
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