Rolleiflex SL35 system


35mm photographic system which featured two complete lens ranges with top-quality lenses from Zeiss, Schneider-KREUZNACH and Rolleinar, from super wide-angle and telephoto to zoom and shift.

The superlative Carl Zeiss lenses are logically the ideal companion to any professional camera system. The lenses manufactured by Schneider-KREUZNACH are also in this category. Germany's world-wide reputation in precision optics is largely based on the designs produced by these two companies. Some of these lenses were manufactured under license by Rollei Fototechnic GmbH.

Information about basic designs of Carl Zeiss lenses for film SLR cameras can be obtained from the dedicated article.

The Rolleinar lens range was created as an alternative: a practical selection of sensibly spaced focal lengths offered the demanding photographer the whole spectrum of creative photographic composition from fish-eye to super telephoto up to fast zoom lenses and special lenses. Rollei's strict evaluation criteria guaranteed the user an excellent cost-benefit ratio. To achieve high cost-effectiveness, Rollei worked with several leading lens manufacturers.

Camera lineup

Rollei QBM mount lens lineup

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