Mamiya E

35mm SLR system • Discontinued

Mamiya's last 35mm SLR system but also the first Japanese SLR system to use an electronic bayonet mount to transmit data between the camera body and lenses, enabling electronic aperture control.

The system consisted of the following cameras:

  • ZE (Quartz) - an aperture-priority automatic exposure SLR with center-weighted TTL-metering system;
  • ZE-2 Quartz - a model that added manual override of automatic exposure and a shutter speed dial;
  • ZE-X - a model that featured programmed automatic exposure, aperture-priority and shutter-priority automatic exposure modes, as well as a sophisticated flash system with Mamiyalite MZ auto electronic flash units;
  • ZM Quartz - a version of the ZE-2 Quartz with more comfortable grip and various small changes.

A useful range of E series interchangeable lenses was developed for the system. In 1981, four EF series lenses were introduced for the ZE-X; they provided distance priority flash auto exposure, which automatically set the aperture in relation to focusing distance when using with Mamiyalite MZ flash units.

The ZM Quartz could use both E and EF series lenses however three E "S" series lenses were also made specially for this camera.

Another manufacturer of lenses for this system was J. Osawa & Co., Ltd., Mamiya's exclusive worldwide distributor since 1963. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt in 1984, which seems to be the main reason for the discontinuation of the entire line of Mamiya 35mm SLR cameras.

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