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Norfoot / Roald Rafoshei-Klev about smc Pentax-FA 80-320mm F/4.5-5.6

I bought my first Pentax FA 80-320 for my Z-1 film camera. The 2 first black collapsed electronic, but the next silver has never failed. I use ALL my long lenses with a maximum lens hood. I also have Sigma 50-500mm4.5-6.3, but I mostly prefer using 80-320mm + 500mm8 Minolta or Olympus reflex lens. Of appr.20 used mirror lenses Minolta 500/8 has the longest real focal lenght, but Olympus is more compact. They are equally sharp, better than 8/10. Pentax FA80-320 is what I call a better “7-11” lens. It’s then a good sharp lens with a real reach just over 300mm focal length.

admin about HD Pentax-D FA 70-210mm F/4 ED SDM WR

Thank you for the kind words, Craig. As for the smc Pentax-A 135mm F/2.8, we don’t have any for sale, because we don’t sell lenses or other camera equipment.

In my personal opinion, the smc Pentax-A 135mm F/2.8 could not be described as a “Holy Grail”. I think it is an ordinary fast medium telephoto lens capable of providing good image quality (as always with Pentax lenses). I would prefer the newer autofocus version in the form of the smc Pentax-FA 135mm F/2.8 [IF], because it is very hard to focus manually with non-autofocus fast medium telephotos. Or, the non-autofocus 135mm F/2.5 smc Pentax (or even Asahi Super-Multi-Coated Takumar M42) lens instead, if you insist that you’ll be OK without the autofocus, because the lens is capable of impressive isolation of the subject from the background and almost three-dimensional rendering of the subject due to high micro contrast. But that is my personal opinion based on the short use of those lenses in the past.

craig owen about HD Pentax-D FA 70-210mm F/4 ED SDM WR

Hey just found you folks. Great site. Very helpful. I was looking for a Pentax-A smc 135mm, F/2.8. Some were saying “Holy Grail”. Big statement. And they were going for under $100. Anyway,don’t know if you have any buying? I’ll peruse your site. Thanks,Evgenii. Craig.

daliborwalk about Fish-Eye Mamiya-Sekor C 37mm F/4.5

Based on my measuring the horizontal angle of view is (around) 107 degrees for 33cm measuring distance (from the front lens element).

admin about Tamron AF 28-200mm F/3.8-5.6 LD Aspherical (IF) 171D, 271D, 571D

The thing is that the 0.80m mark is BELOW the 0.52m mark on the MOD scale on the extending lens section. It can’t be seen on the photo you pointed to because the lens is zoomed to focal length of 135mm where the MOD is 0.52m. When you zoom from 135 to 200mm, the MOD changes from 0.52 to 0.80m, the front lens section extends a bit more, and the 0.80m mark becomes visible.

So, the complete MOD scale looks like this (top down): 0.95m – 0.92 – 0.84 – 0.53 – 0.52 – 0.80 (yes!).

It says a lot about the complexity of the optical design of this superzoom lens.

P.S. MOD is a minimum object distance, Tamron’s term for the CFD (closest focusing distance) term that we use on our website.

David Murray about Leitz Wetzlar Vario-Elmar-R 75-200mm F/4.5

Despite the criticism that this is a Japanese made Minolta lens, I’ve used it fairly widely. I tend to avoid ‘push-pull’ zooms as I felt that the zoom action pulled dust into them. However, buying from a trusted dealer in London allowed me to get one in tip-top condition- inside and out. Results are good, provided a high shutter speed is used, at least 500. I’d looked at 80-200 f4.5 and 75-200 f4.5 and 70-210 f4. The 75-200 f4.5 has 55mm filter threads. That’s what decided it for me. My 35/2, 50/2, 100/4, 135/2.8 & 180/4 all have 55mm threads. I’m not sure if I can get E60 filters etc.
Provided it’s not too expensive, I would thoroughly recommend this to everyone. DM

admin about Tamron 28-200mm F/3.8-5.6 Aspherical 71A

The mount of this lens is not fixed but interchangeable. This system allowed Tamron Adaptall-2 lenses, including this 28-200 lens, to be quickly and easily coupled to most 35mm film SLR cameras.

At least the following interchangeable mounts (called “custom mounts” by Tamron) were available: Canon FD/FT Series, Contax/Yashica Series, Fujica AX Bayonet Series, Fujica ST Series, Konica AR Series, Leica R4 Series, Mamiya ZE Series, Minolta MD/SR Series, Minolta α manual Series, Nikon AI/E Series, Olympus OM Series, Pentax K Series, Pentax KA Series, Pentax screw/Praktica Series, Ricoh XR-P Series, Rollei Series, Topcon RE Series.

These custom mounts have not been produced for a long time but some of them still can be found on eBay.

So, for example, if you have a Nikon, Pentax or Sony digital SLR (SLT) camera, you need to obtain a Nikon AI/E Series, Pentax K Series / Pentax KA Series or a Minolta α manual Series custom mount correspondingly.

Jocelyn about Tamron 28-200mm F/3.8-5.6 Aspherical 71A

I have this type of lens but I know that most cameras have the mounts that require like the red dot, white square, or white dot but this in particular has a mint green color. How do I find the perfect camera for this TAMRON 28-200mm 3.8-5.6 Adaptall Aspherical (71A) or any adapters that can possibly fit digital cameras

admin about Asahi SMC Takumar 15mm F/3.5

Hi. We do not sell or buy anything. Our website is just a camera lens knowledge base.

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