Pentax 645 system

The serious field photographer demands two things from a camera: flawless, professional picture quality and total responsiveness to the fleeting photographic moment. Pentax 645 series cameras satisfy these demands like no other cameras and put the very latest SLR technology at the photographer's command. To make the cameras even more competent and versatile in the field, they are designed specifically for hand-held eye-level photography. Any photographer familiar with the outstanding handling of the popular 35mm format will appreciate the performance of these lightweight, compact cameras.

But though Pentax 645 series cameras handle like 35mm cameras, they produce a dimension of photographic excellence known only to the medium- and large-format user. The 6x4.5 format gives the photographer access to professional standards of quality in lenses and accessories.

All Pentax 645 lenses live up to the outstanding optical and mechanical capabilities of 645 series bodies and to Pentax's unexcelled reputation as a lens maker. Optical performance is improved further by Pentax's exclusive Super-Multi-Coating (SMC). All Pentax 645 lenses are durable and built to exacting professional standards.

Camera lineup

Pentax 645 mount lens lineup

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