Nikon Z system

Nikon’s Z mount 35mm mirrorless camera system is designed to improve the optical performance of lenses by using a large-diameter mount and short flange focal distance. Overwhelmingly sharp resolution that reproduces every minute detail accurately, lens aberrations suppressed to the utmost, superior reproduction of point light sources, natural and beautiful bokeh: all of these factors flow forth from this one simple concept. NIKKOR Z opens up a new dimension in optical performance.

The larger Z mount and extremely short flange focal distance means Nikkor Z lenses can gather substantially more light for low-light performance and maximum apertures up to F/0.95. The larger Z mount also allows for faster communication between lens and camera for improved performance across the board.

The combination of new optical formulas and Nikkor’s proven glass types results in greater resolution from the center of the frame to the far edges. No need to stop down these lenses.

Camera lineup

Nikon Z mount lens lineup

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