The Hasselblad CFi/CFE lenses

The Hasselblad CFi/CFE lens line is a new generation of high-quality lenses from Carl Zeiss. The CFi designation stands for "CF version improved" indicating that these lenses optically originate from the CF lens program, but have been further refined and improved to provide even higher image-quality, long-lasting reliability and ease of use. The "E" in the CFE designation stands for Electronic, indicating that the CFE lenses, in addition to all improvements of the CFi lenses, also feature databus connections for transmitting lens data to the metering system in the 200 series cameras.

The CFi/CFE improvements include:

  • New internal design and new anti-reflection materials reducing stray-light to a minimum, thus enhancing the image contrast even more.
  • Improved design and a new main spring made of the specially durable material NIVAROX, which prolongs the life and increases the lasting precision of the leaf shutter.
  • A new PC-socket with a positive lock, which secures the flash contact even better.
  • A redesigned focusing mechanism, which runs even smoother.
  • A new reinforced and integrated rear bayonet plate providing more rigidity.
  • A new front bayonet in a durable non-metallic material, which withstands wear substantially better than previous designs.
  • A new external design providing increased handling comfort and is styled to fit the Hasselblad cameras more pleasingly.

Source: Hasselblad Press Release (September 1998).

During the autumn of 1998 Hasselblad introduced a new generation of high-performance, precision built lenses from Carl Zeiss in Germany. These fifteen new lenses are designated CFi and CFE respectively, "i" standing for improved and "E" for electronic, and range from 30 mm to 350 mm. Compared to the original CF lens series, the CFi/CFE lenses have been vastly improved in internal and external design for unsurpassed image quality as well as even better reliability and handling comfort. The same improvements have also been implemented in the CB series of lenses.

  • Improved image quality: New internal design and new anti-reflection materials reducing stray-light flare to a minimum. This allows the CFi/CFE lenses to produce even better contrast and definition than their legendary predecessors. Also the FE lenses for the 200 series cameras are now subject to the same anti-reflection treatment.
  • Improved durability: Front and rear bayonet mounts have been re-engineered to resist wear even better than previous designs. Leaf shutter mainsprings are now made from a durable material that dramatically extends their precision lifespan.
  • Improved connections: A smart positive-locking PC-socket helps ensure a solid flash contact. And, in addition to all the improvements found on the CFi lenses, the new CFE lenses also feature databus connections making them fully compatible with all Hasselblad 200-series electronic cameras.
  • Improved handling: The redesigned focusing mechanism allows fast and exceptionally precise and sensitive focusing.
  • Improved ergonomics: A new improved design incorporates several new ergonomic features i.e. a distinct legibility of the scale lettering and a positive grip of the shutter-speed setting ring. All grip controls can be operated with gloves and are designed for better comfort. The new cosmetic design is styled to complement the camera body aesthetics.

Source: Hasselblad Press Release (March 1999).

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