Ten key reasons for selecting Hasselblad

  1. The 2 1/4 film format, being almost four times larger than 35mm, provides a dramatic image improvement over 35mm as well as working conveniences from the moment the film is loaded into the camera until the final print is made.
  2. A Hasselblad is not mass produced but handcrafted to last with a solid one-piece aluminum alloy casting camera body to protect the interior components and their accurate alignment.
  3. Every Hasselblad camera and each camera component is checked and rechecked throughout the manufacturing and assembly process. One craftsman out of every eight does nothing but check that the other seven's work is up to scratch.
  4. The components in every Hasselblad/Carl Zeiss lens are made to a degree of precision that other manufacturers use only for scientific instruments and the performance data of each lens, the acutance, the distortion, and field illumination, which are factory secrets by other companies, are documented by Zeiss and readily available from Hasselblad.
  5. The superior performance of the Carl Zeiss lenses is assured on the film through metal framed groundglass screens which are milled individually to proper measure; an accurate alignment of mirror and screens with laser/computer measuring instruments and maximum film flatness obtained with a patented interaction of the rollers in the film magazine and film holder. The latter requires individual matching of each film insert to a particular magazine shell.
  6. Hasselblad cameras, lenses, and accessories are designed as tools for working photographers incorporating all the necessary features for serious photography and a degree of automation that is fully controlled by the photographer not built-in automation that controls the photographer.
  7. Hasselblad's complete and totally interchangeable camera system makes Hasselblad the ideal tool in every field of photography - in the studio or on location, and it is, thus, a good investment. The photographer never outgrows the camera's capabilities making it necessary to add or to change to another camera system.
  8. Hasselblad's complete and precise magazine interchangeability between the four camera models combined with the choice of three different film formats gives the photographer the option of composing the images in the "ideal" rectangular format or as an even more ideal square, changing format or film type in mid-roll, producing test shots on Polaroid at any time.
  9. Hasselblad's concern for non-obsolescence ensures that whenever possible new camera components fit older cameras, older components fit the latest camera models. As a result, the Hasselblad photographer never needs to start from scratch; he can always be up to date with camera equipment that retains its value or even increases in value as it is being used.
  10. Hasselblad's image quality, performance, and reliability has been proven for over 30 years in the hands of the world's top professionals and on every manned American space flight since fall of 1962.

Source: "Hasselblad lenses. The sharpest edge in professional photography".

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