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Voigtlander BESSA (SC) system


Voigtlander BESSA-R2S and BESSA-R2C are compact and lightweight 35mm rangefinder cameras with mechanical focal plane shutter with 1/2000s top speed, TTL exposure metering and LED finder readout. The BESSA-R2S is designed for Nikon rangefinder mount lenses. The BESSA-R2C is designed for classic Contax rangefinder lenses.

The body has a built-in lens helical and inner bayonet for 50mm lenses, and an outer bayonet mount for all other lenses. This design allows much smaller 50mm lenses compared to other rangefinder mounts.

While the exterior mounts and back focus for classic Nikon rangefinder lenses and classic Zeiss Contax rangefinder lenses are the same, the helical travel is different between the two mounts. All Voigtlander SC lenses are Nikon rangefinder mount, though the 35mm and shorter lenses will work well on classic Contax mount cameras.

When interchanging lenses between the R2S and R2C, the difference between the wide angle lenses is generally considered to be so small as to be negligible. On 50mm and longer lenses, focusing inaccuracies between the two lens lines increase as (A) the focal length increases, B) the focusing distance decreases, and C) aperture increases.

Camera lineup

Nikon S mount lens lineup

Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
4.0 Cosina Voigtlander SC Skopar 21mm F/4 ⌀43Pancake lensPro 2001 
Wide-angle prime lenses
4.0 Cosina Voigtlander SC Skopar 25mm F/4 ⌀43 2001 
3.5 Cosina Voigtlander SC Skopar 28mm F/3.5 ⌀43 2003 
2.5 Cosina Voigtlander SC Skopar 35mm F/2.5 ⌀43 2001 
Standard prime lenses
3.5 Cosina Voigtlander S Heliar 50mm F/3.5 ⌀27 2005 
2.5 Cosina Voigtlander S Skopar 50mm F/2.5 ⌀43 2003 
1.5 Cosina Voigtlander S Nokton 50mm F/1.5 Aspherical ⌀52 2003 
Short telephoto prime lenses
3.5 Cosina Voigtlander S APO-Lanthar 85mm F/3.5 ⌀39 2003 
Completeness of lens lineup
    Enthusiast photography

    No dedicated lenses for distant subjects photography, wild nature photography.

    Professional photography

    No dedicated lenses for professional wild nature photography, architectural photography with perspective correction, professional macrophotography.

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