Topcon UV

35mm SLR system • Discontinued



Tokyo Kogaku's 35mm SLR system that existed simultaneously with the Topcon RE system and was intended for amateur photographers.


  • Wink Mirror S - a basic SLR with a proprietary bayonet mount, mechanical behind-lens leaf shutter with speeds ranging from 1 to 1/500th of a second, instant return mirror action, fixed pentaprism, built-in window exposure meter, and shutter-priority auto exposure mode with manual override;
  • Uni - essentially the same as the Wink Mirror S, but with a built-in TTL stop-down light metering system borrowed from the Topcon RE Super;
  • Unirex - as the Uni, but with a choice between spot or average exposure metering;
  • Unirex EE - a model with a new behind-lens leaf shutter and TTL open-aperture exposure metering system;
  • IC-1 Auto - a model that marked the abandonment of behind-lens leaf shutter in favor of the electronically controlled focal plane shutter, as well as introduction of center-weighted average metering at full aperture (with manual override capability);
  • New IC-1 Auto - essentially the same as the IC-1 Auto, but with a professional all-black body finish, green LED in the viewfinder for battery check, and a new standard lens, the HI TOPCOR 55/1.8.


For this system, Tokyo Kogaku produced a rather limited line of lenses, consisting of only 5 focal lengths (not counting the standard lenses): 28, 35, 100, 135 and 200mm, plus a 87-205mm telephoto zoom lens. All lenses incorporated the fully automatic instant re-opening diaphragm action and the electric-eye automatic exposure system. All lenses had special coatings to cut the UV rays and give true-to-life color renditions and eliminate the need for an UV filter outdoors. Optically, they were not inferior to other lenses found in focal plane shutter cameras in their resolving power and rendition.

Since the system was intended for amateur photographers, it did not have ultra-wide angle or super telephoto lenses, but there was a teleconverter, which made it possible to double the focal lengths of 100-135-200mm lenses and the telephoto zoom lens.

The range of accessories for this system was much smaller than for the professional Topcon RE system, finders and focusing screens were non-interchangeable, and there were no motor drives at all.

Camera list

35mm film SLR cameras with the Topcon UV mount (6):

Topcon UV mount lens list

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