Rolleiflex SLX system


With Rolleiflex SLX and 6000 series, the medium format photographer is equipped with a high-performance cameras, fully electronic and capable of taking a wide range of auxillary equipment, with many new features and the latest photographic innovations: the accurate and convenient medium format system cameras to meet every demand.

The system range covers lenses from a 30mm wide-angle to 1000mm tele, with all usual fixed focal lengths plus shift and zoom optics. First of all there are Rolleigon lenses known for their good ratio of price to performance. There is also a complete range of Carl Zeiss lenses. In conjunction with high-speed Schneider-KREUZNACH lenses it meets all professional user needs.

PQ and PQS lenses by Rollei, Carl Zeiss and Schneider-KREUZNACH are in a class of their own. They are the ideal combination of between-the-lens and focal-plane shutter technology, offering both wide apertures and fast top shutter speeds that are fully synchronized. Their outstanding features are optimum sharpness, color rendition and brilliance as well as reliability and high operating speed.

The lenses utilise Rollei's unique direct drive exposure system. The camera's microprocessor controls two linear motors that drive the iris diaphragm and the shutter. In the automatic modes they set all apertures and all shutter speeds (from 1/500 and 1/1000 to a full 30 sec) in a stepless range, with virtually no delay and with extreme precision.

Camera lineup

Rolleiflex SLX mount lens lineup

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