Leica M39 system


Leica is a brand name synonymous with 35mm photography and rangefinder cameras. Leica introduced many features which were then adapted by other 35mm cameras. Interchangeable lenses, the focal plane shutter and the lens-coupled, built-in rangefinder, to name a few.

The interchangeable Leica lenses were offered in a large variety of types ranging from wide-angle to telephoto, ensuring excellent results in all branches of amateur photography and most specialized professional work. Their exceptional light-gathering qualities, resolving power, remarkable depth of field and unexcelled color rendition helped to develop the Leica system of photography.

Camera lineup

M39 mount lens lineup

Lenses found: 35
Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
Leitz Wetzlar Super-Angulon 21mm F/4 E39, A42Pancake lensPro 1958 
Wide-angle prime lenses
Leitz Hektor 28mm F/6.3 E34, A36 1935 
Leitz Wetzlar Summaron 28mm F/5.6 (I) A36 1955 
Leitz Elmar 35mm F/3.5 A36 1930 
Leitz Wetzlar Summaron 35mm F/3.5 1949 
Leitz Wetzlar Summaron 35mm F/2.8 E39, A42 1958 
Leitz Wetzlar (Canada) Summicron 35mm F/2 (I) E39 1958 
Leica Summicron 35mm F/2 ASPH. E39 1999 
Standard prime lenses
Leitz Elmar 50mm F/3.5 (I) A36 1931 
Leitz Elmar 50mm F/3.5 (II) A36 1951 
Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 50mm F/3.5 (III) E39 1954 
Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 50mm F/2.8 (I) E39, A42 1957 
Leitz Hektor 50mm F/2.5 E21 1931 
Leitz (Wetzlar) Summar 50mm F/2 A36 1933 
Leitz (Wetzlar) Summitar 50mm F/2 E36 1939 
Leitz Wetzlar Summicron 50mm F/2 (I) E39 1953 
Leitz Wetzlar Summicron 50mm F/2 (II) E39 1956 
Leica Summicron 50mm F/2 E39 1999 
Leitz Wetzlar Xenon 50mm F/1.5 A51 1936 
Leitz Wetzlar (Canada) Summarit 50mm F/1.5 E41 1949 
Leitz Wetzlar Summilux 50mm F/1.4 (I) E43 1959 
Leica Summilux 50mm F/1.4 E46 1999 
Short telephoto prime lenses
Leitz Wetzlar Hektor 73mm F/1.9 A42 1931 
Leitz Wetzlar Summarex 85mm F/1.5 E58 1943 
Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 90mm F/4 (I) A36 1931 
Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 90mm F/4 (II) 1933 
Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 90mm F/4 (IV) E39 1964 
Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit 90mm F/2.8 (I) E39 1959 
Leitz Wetzlar Thambar 90mm F/2.2 (I) E48 1935 
Leitz Canada Summicron 90mm F/2 (I) A63.7 1957 
Leitz Canada Summicron 90mm F/2 (II) E48 1959 
Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 105mm F/6.3 1932 
Medium telephoto prime lenses
Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 135mm F/4.5 A36 1931 
Leitz Weitzlar Hektor 135mm F/4.5 E39, A36 1933 
Leitz Weitzlar Elmar 135mm F/4 (I) E39 1960 

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