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Fujica G690 system


Designed for professional use, G690 and G690 BL medium format cameras let you snap the critical moments of action as easily as 35mm cameras. It is an ideal equipment for on-the-spot shots, sports, news and aerial photography.

  • Coupled rangefinder for simplified focusing. Automatic correction for parallax.
  • Take 120 and 220 roll film - the ideal 6x9 format for color reproduction.
  • Choice of color corrected Fujinon interchangeable lenses from 50mm ultra-wide angle to 180mm telephoto.
  • Between-the-lens shutter for full synchronization with electronic flash and flash bulb (excepting the EBC Fujinon AE 3.5/100mm lens which is provided with X contact only).

The Fujica GL690 Professional and Fujica GM670 Professional are improved versions of the earlier and popular Fujica G690 BL. They offer additional handling ease and greater dependability.

Camera lineup

Fujica G690 mount lens lineup

Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
5.6 Fuji Photo Film Fujinon·SW S 50mm F/5.6 [G690] ⌀72Pro 1974 
Wide-angle prime lenses
8 Fuji Photo Film Fujinon·SW S 65mm F/8 [G690] ⌀72Pro 1968 
5.6 Fuji Photo Film Fujinon·SW S 65mm F/5.6 [G690] ⌀72Pro 1974 
3.5 Fuji Photo Film Fujinon S 100mm F/3.5 [G690] ⌀72Pro 1968 
3.5 Fuji Photo Film EBC Fujinon AE 100mm F/3.5 [G690] ⌀72Pro 1974 
Short telephoto prime lenses
5.6 Fuji Photo Film Fujinon·T S 150mm F/5.6 [G690] ⌀72Pro 1968 
5.6 Fuji Photo Film Fujinon·T S 180mm F/5.6 [G690] ⌀72Pro 1968 
Completeness of lens lineup
    Enthusiast photography

    No dedicated lenses for reportage photography, travel photography, distant subjects photography, wild nature photography.

    Professional photography

    No dedicated lenses for professional wild nature photography, architectural photography with perspective correction, professional macrophotography.

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