ZEISS Otus series lenses

The Otus lenses from ZEISS deliver uncompromising performance, even at full aperture. They are specially designed for modern digital SLR cameras with high-resolution sensors, and offer on these cameras the standard of quality otherwise only achieved on medium format systems.

35mm full frame, Manual focus, For SLR cameras (4)
ZEISS Otus Apo Distagon T* 28mm F/1.4 ZE / ZF.2 E95Pro 2015 
ZEISS Otus Apo Distagon T* 55mm F/1.4 ZE / ZF.2 E77Pro 2013 
ZEISS Otus Apo Planar T* 85mm F/1.4 ZE / ZF.2 E86Pro 2014 
ZEISS Otus Apo Sonnar T* 100mm F/1.4 ZE / ZF.2 E86Pro 2019 

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