Tomioka M42 series lenses

Tomioka Optical Works was one of the largest and most reputable lens manufacturers in Japan. The company supplied lenses for several camera manufacturers, including Yashica, and was acquired by the latter in August 1968.

35mm full frame, Manual focus, For SLR cameras (12)
Tomioka Auto Tominon 21mm F/3.5 (Chinon)Pro
Tomioka Tominon C. 50mm F/2 ⌀46
Tomioka Auto Chinon 55mm F/1.4 (Revuenon) ⌀55
Tomioka Auto Yashinon 55mm F/1.2 ⌀55 1970 
Tomioka Auto Chinon 55mm F/1.2 ⌀55 1970 
Tomioka Auto Cosinon 55mm F/1.2 ⌀55 1970 
Tomioka Auto Revuenon 55mm F/1.2 ⌀55 1970 
Tomioka Kogaku Auto Tominon 55mm F/1.2 ⌀55 1970 
Tomioka Auto Yashinon DS-M 55mm F/1.2 ⌀55 1973 
Tomioka Macro Yashinon 60mm F/2.8 ⌀581:1
Tomioka Auto Tominon 100mm F/2.8 ⌀49
Tomioka Auto Tominon 135mm F/2.8

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