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Nikon E series lenses

A line of compact, lightweight and low-cost lenses designed and built by Nikon expressly for use with Nikon AI-system cameras and available in the most popular focal lengths.

All Nikon Series E lenses provide full performance with all AI (Automatic Indexing) Nikon SLR cameras, including automatic exposure control with cameras so equipped, and aperture indication in the viewfinder via Nikon Aperture Direct Readout (ADR). They can also be used with non-AI Nikon models, employing the stopdown method of exposure measurement.

Lighter weights were achieved through the use of plastic for the exterior parts of the Nikon Series E lenses, as well as their aperture rings and lens chambers that hold lens elements. Even the helicoid was plastic on some of the lenses.

The prices of the lenses were reduced by minimizing the number of lens elements required for optical components and using less expensive glass materials.

Each lens, except for the 70-210/4, accepts standard Nikon 52mm filters for added convenience and economy.

35mm full frame, Manual focus, For SLR cameras (9)
2.8 Nikon Series E 28mm F/2.8 ⌀52Budget series 1979 
2.5 Nikon Series E 35mm F/2.5 ⌀52Budget series 1979 
3.5 Nikon Series E Zoom 36-72mm F/3.5 ⌀52Push/pullBudget series 1981 
1.8 Nikon Series E 50mm F/1.8 ⌀52Budget seriesPancake lens 1979 
1.8 Nikon Series E 50mm F/1.8 ⌀52Budget series 1981 
4.0 Nikon Series E Zoom 70-210mm F/4 ⌀62Push/pullBudget series 1981 
3.5 Nikon Series E Zoom 75-150mm F/3.5 ⌀52Push/pullBudget series 1980 
2.8 Nikon Series E 100mm F/2.8 ⌀52Budget series 1979 
2.8 Nikon Series E 135mm F/2.8 ⌀52Budget series 1981 

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