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Lenses found: 72
Fisheye lenses
Leitz Wetzlar Fisheye-Elmarit-R 16mm F/2.8 1974
Ultra-wide angle prime lenses
Leica Super-Elmarit-R 15mm F/2.8 2001
Leica Super-Elmar-R 15mm F/3.5 1980
Leica Elmarit-R 19mm F/2.8 1990
Leitz Canada Elmarit-R 19mm F/2.8 1975
Leitz Wetzlar Super-Angulon-R 21mm F/3.4Non-retrofocus 1964
Leitz Wetzlar Super-Angulon-R 21mm F/4 1968
Wide-angle prime lenses
Leica (Leitz Wetzlar) Elmarit-R 24mm F/2.8 1974
Leica Elmarit-R 28mm F/2.8 1993
Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit-R 28mm F/2.8 1970
Leica Summilux-R 35mm F/1.4 1983
Leica (Leitz Wetzlar) Summicron-R 35mm F/2 1976
Leitz Canada Summicron-R 35mm F/2 1970
Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit-R 35mm F/2.8 1978
Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit-R 35mm F/2.8 1972
Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit-R 35mm F/2.8 1963
Standard prime lenses
Leica Summilux-R 50mm F/1.4 1997
Leica (Leitz Canada, Leitz Wetzlar) Summilux-R 50mm F/1.4 1970
Leica (Leitz, Leitz Canada) Summicron-R 50mm F/2 1976
Leitz Wetzlar (Leitz Canada) Summicron-R 50mm F/2 1962
Leitz Wetzlar Summilux-R 50mm F/1.4 (Oskar Barnack 100th Anniversary) 1979
Medium telephoto prime lenses
Leitz Elcan-R 75mm F/2 1965
Leica (Leitz Wetzlar) Summilux-R 80mm F/1.4 1980
Leica APO-Summicron-R 90mm F/2 ASPH. 2002
Leica (Leitz, Leitz Canada) Summicron-R 90mm F/2 1970
Leica (Leitz, Leitz Canada) Elmarit-R 90mm F/2.8 1984
Leitz Wetzlar (Leitz Canada) Elmarit-R 90mm F/2.8 1960
Leica (Leitz Wetzlar, Leitz Canada) Elmarit-R 135mm F/2.8 1968
Leitz Canada Elmarit-R 135mm F/2.8 1962
Telephoto prime lenses
Leitz Elmarit-R 180mm F/2.8 1978
Leitz Wetzlar (Leitz Canada) Elmarit-R 180mm F/2.8 1966
Leica (Leitz Canada) APO-Elmarit-R 180mm F/2.8 1997
Leitz Canada APO-Telyt-R 180mm F/3.4 1975
Leitz Canada Elcan-R 180mm F/3.4 1965
Leitz Wetzlar Elmar-R 180mm F/4 1976
Leica APO-Summicron-R 180mm F/2 1994
Leitz Canada Telyt-R 250mm F/4 1970
Leitz Canada Telyt-R 250mm F/4 1980
Leica APO-Telyt-R 280mm F/2.8 Module 1996
Leica APO-Telyt-R 280mm F/2.8 1983
Leica APO-Telyt-R 280mm F/4 1993
Super telephoto prime lenses
Leitz (Leitz Canada) Telyt-R 350mm F/4.8 1979
Leica APO-Telyt-R 400mm F/2.8 Module 1996
Leica APO-Telyt-R 400mm F/4 Module 1996
Leica APO-Telyt-R 400mm F/2.8 1987
Leitz Wetzlar (Leitz Canada, Leica) Telyt-R 400mm F/6.8 1967
Leica APO-Telyt-R 560mm F/4 Module 2005
Leica APO-Telyt-R 560mm F/5.6 Module 2005
Leitz Wetzlar (Leitz Canada, Leica) Telyt-R 560mm F/6.8 1967
Leica APO-Telyt-R 800mm F/5.6 Module 2005
Leitz Wetzlar Telyt-S 800mm F/6.3 1970
Macro lenses
Leitz Wetzlar (Leica) Macro-Elmarit-R 60mm F/2.81:2 1980
Leitz Wetzlar Macro-Elmarit-R 60mm F/2.81:2 1970
Leitz Wetzlar (Leitz Canada) Macro-Elmar 100mm F/4For bellows 1968
Leica APO-Macro-Elmarit-R 100mm F/2.81:2 1986
Leitz Wetzlar (Leitz Canada) Macro-Elmar-R 100mm F/41:3 1968
Shift lenses
Leica PC-Super-Angulon-R 28mm F/2.8 1988
Schneider-KREUZNACH PA-Curtagon 35mm F/4 for Leicaflex (Leica R) 1970
Wide-angle zoom lenses
Leica Vario-Elmar-R 21-35mm F/3.5-4 ASPH. 2001
Standard zoom lenses
Leica Vario-Elmarit-R 28-90mm F/2.8-4.5 ASPH. 2003
Leica Vario-Elmar-R 28-70mm F/3.5-4.5 1990
Leica Vario-Elmar-R 35-70mm F/3.5 1986
Leitz Vario-Elmar-R 35-70mm F/3.5 1982
Leica Vario-Elmar-R 35-70mm F/4 1996
Leica Vario-Elmarit-R 35-70mm F/2.8 ASPH. 1994
Telephoto zoom lenses
P. Angenieux 45-90mm F/2.8 for Leitz Leicaflex 1969
Leica Vario-APO-Elmarit-R 70-180mm F/2.8 1995
Leica (Leitz) Vario-Elmar-R 70-210mm F/4 1983
Leitz Wetzlar Vario-Elmar-R 75-200mm F/4.5 1978
Leica Vario-Elmar-R 80-200mm F/4 1995
Leitz Wetzlar Vario-Elmar-R 80-200mm F/4.5 1974
Leitz Wetzlar Vario-Elmar-R 105-280mm F/4.2 1996

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