T-mount lenses

Kenko 400mm F/8 Mirror MCT 2012 
Kenko 400mm F/8 Mirror MC N IIT 2017 
Norita Kogaku Noritar 135mm F/1.46x6TPro 1971 
Samyang Mirror 500mm F/6.3 DX (Bower, Kenko, Opteka, Phoenix, Pro Optic, Rokinon, Walimex Pro)T 2010 
Samyang Mirror 500mm F/8 MC (Bower, Exakta, Opteka, Phoenix, Pro Optic, Rokinon, Vivitar Series 1, Walimex Pro)T
Samyang Mirror 800mm F/8 DX (Bower, Kenko, Opteka, Phoenix, Pro Optic, Rokinon, Walimex Pro)T 2010 
Sigma MF 500mm F/4 MirrorT
Tamron 135mm F/3.5T 1963 
Tamron 180mm F/3.5T 1963 
Tamron 200-400mm F/6.3T 1965 
Tamron 200mm F/2.8T 1960 
Tamron 200mm F/3.5T 1963 
Tamron 200mm F/5.9T 1963 
Tamron 200mm F/6.3T 1963 
Tamron 250mm F/4.5T 1963 
Tamron 300mm F/5.6TPro 1962 
Tamron 300mm F/6.9TPro 1963 
Tamron 350mm F/5.6TPro 1963 
Tamron 35mm F/2.8T 1961 
Tamron 400mm F/5.6TPro 1960 
Tamron 400mm F/6.9TPro 1963 
Tamron 400mm F/6.9 (II)TPro 1963 
Tamron 400mm F/7.5TPro 1961 
Tamron 400mm F/8TPro 1965 
Tamron 450mm F/8TPro 1963 
Tamron 55-90mm F/4T 1964 
Tamron 58mm F/1.2T 1960 
Tamron 95-205mm F/5.6T 1965 
Tamron 95-205mm F/6.3T 1961 
Tamron 95-250mm F/5.6T 1965 
Tamron Twin-Tele 135mm F/2.8T 1962 
Tamron Twin-Tele 135mm F/4.5T 1958 
Tokina SZX 400mm F/8 Reflex MFT 2020 
Vivitar Series 1 450mm F/4.5 VMC AsphericalT 1982 
Vivitar Series 1 600mm F/8 VMC Solid CatadioptricT
Vivitar Series 1 800mm F/11 VMC Solid CatadioptricT

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