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Nikon large-format lenses

While primarily known for the surpassing quality of its 35mm camera lenses, Nikon applied its unique technological and design ingenuity to bring the same, reliable, superior performance to all large-format cameras. Nikon offered three high-performance lens systems for press, view, and technical cameras using 4x5" and larger film sizes, each featuring an exceptionally large image circle for maximum freedom in camera movements. Their resolution, contrast, flatness of field, and evenness of illumination were further enhanced by the application of multi-layer Nikon Integrated Coating (IC) for optimum color fidelity, contrast and freedom from flare. Each large-format Nikkor was supplied with a precision leaf shutter incorporating a convenient "press focus" control as well as cable release socket.

The SW-series lenses feature wide covering power and a wide image circle. Maximum apertures of f/4 and f/4.5 assure fast and pin-point focusing and bright images, corner to corner. Covering power can be extended to 105-106° by stopping the lens down. SW series lenses deliver high contrast and resolution, thanks to strict control of aberrations. SW-series lenses with a maximum aperture of f/8 are compact and well compensated for distortion.

SW Series
Nikon Nikkor-SW 65mm F/4 (S) [LF]⌀67
Nikon Nikkor-SW 75mm F/4.5 (S) [LF]⌀67
Nikon Nikkor-SW 90mm F/4.5 (S) [LF]⌀82
Nikon Nikkor-SW 90mm F/8 (S) [LF]⌀67
Nikon Nikkor-SW 120mm F/8 (S) [LF]⌀77 1978 
Nikon Nikkor-SW 150mm F/8 [LF]⌀95 1982 

Covering power of the W series Nikkors is an ample 70-73° when stopped down. Lens construction of six elements in four groups in the series gives these lenses an outstanding degree of freedom from distortion, field curvature and chromatic aberration. The W series lenses are recommended for a variety of subjects, including landscapes, portraits, architecture, and table-top photography.

W Series
Nikon Nikkor-W 100mm F/5.6 [LF]⌀40.5 1978 
Nikon Nikkor-W 105mm F/5.6 (S) [LF]⌀52 1984 
Nikon Nikkor-W 135mm F/5.6 (S) [LF]⌀52
Nikon Nikkor-W 150mm F/5.6 (S) [LF]⌀52
Nikon Nikkor-W 180mm F/5.6 [LF]⌀67
Nikon Nikkor-W 210mm F/5.6 [LF]⌀67
Nikon Nikkor-W 240mm F/5.6 [LF]⌀82
Nikon Nikkor-W 300mm F/5.6 [LF]⌀95
Nikon Nikkor-W 360mm F/6.5 [LF]⌀95 1984 

The Nikkor lenses in the T series are telephoto-type lenses which do not require long-length camera bellows. To maximize correction of chromatic aberration inherent in long focal length lenses, Nikon's performance-proven ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass was used for the first time for lenses for large-format cameras. Image distortion and curvature are also extremely minimized.

T Series
Nikon Nikkor-T 270mm F/6.3 ED [LF]⌀67 1982 
Nikon Nikkor-T 360mm F/8 ED [LF]⌀67 1982 
Nikon Nikkor-T 500mm F/11 ED [LF]⌀67 1982 
Nikon Nikkor-T 600mm F/9 ED [LF]⌀95 1982 
Nikon Nikkor-T 720mm F/16 ED [LF]⌀67
Nikon Nikkor-T 800mm F/12 ED [LF]⌀95 1982 
Nikon Nikkor-T 1200mm F/18 ED [LF]⌀95

The M series lenses are characterized by standard covering power and faithful reproduction of subtle variations in color and shading. They are versatile enough to provide consistent performance from close distance to infinity. Chromatic aberration is virtually eliminated over the entire visible portion of the spectrum, and other aberrations are corrected.

M Series
Nikon Nikkor-M 105mm F/3.5 [LF]⌀40.5 1978 
Nikon Nikkor-M 200mm F/8 (S) [LF]⌀52 1984 
Nikon Nikkor-M 300mm F/9 [LF]⌀52 1978 
Nikon Nikkor-M 450mm F/9 [LF]⌀67

The Nikkor-AM (Apo Macro) lenses are exclusively designed for macro photography and provide outstanding performance at 1:1 reproduction. ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass reduces chromatic aberration at all settings, and completely symmetrical lens construction ensures that the lens is 100% free of distortion and lateral chromatic aberration at 1:1 magnification.

AM Series
Nikon Nikkor-AM 120mm F/5.6 (S) ED [LF]⌀52 1982 
Nikon Nikkor-AM 210mm F/5.6 ED [LF]⌀67

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