New features added in March 2021

1. Search results are now divided into three categories: lenses for mirrorless, SLR and rangefinder cameras.

For example, try: zeiss 85

2. In the search box, you can now simply type "cv" instead of "Cosina Voigtlander" and "cz" instead of "Carl Zeiss" or "Zeiss".

For example, try: cv 58 or cz 50 1.4

Remember that since Summer 2013, Carl Zeiss lenses have been labeled just ZEISS ("Carl" has been excluded from lens names).

3. Mamiya CP M42 and Olympus FTL M42 35mm SLR systems have been added to the database. Unfortunately, the information about lenses for these systems is rather scarce.

4. New page with links to useful online resources has been added.

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