Lots of new features were added in December 2020

In December 2020, we added the following new features to the website:

  • We changed the lens status markings in the lists. Previously, discontinued lenses were marked with a gray "X" mark. These lenses are now marked with a gray circle. Lenses currently in production now have a bright green circle, while recently announced lenses have an orange circle,
  • Professional lenses are now marked with the word "Pro" in lists,
  • The "Highlights" section of the sidebar now displays the criteria according to which the lens is classified as professional (just click on the words "Professional lens" there). By the way, hints are also displayed when you click on any other words in the "Highlights" section.
  • Best-in-class lenses are now marked with the green word "Best" in lists. Incidentally, most of the best-in-class lenses are in the Canon EOS system (not surprising, though),
  • Recommended lenses are now highlighted in the list of alternatives (previously, such lenses were simply marked with the words "Better alternative" or "Much better alternative"),
  • Information about the rangefinder coupling is now shown in the specifications of lenses designed for rangefinder cameras,
  • The "Advanced search" item has been added to the main menu. In fact, it existed before, it was just in the "Systems" section but it was not always possible to notice it.

We also created a new collection called "Soft Focus lenses" and added a vintage medium-format system called "Fujica G690".

As you can see, we are constantly working on the website, and are improving both the presentation of information and the usefulness of the knowledge base in order to make it easier for you to choose the right lens.

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