A few words about Tokina

Since 2016, Tokina has not released new lenses that are not based on previous designs of the company or designs from other manufacturers:

atx-m 23/1.4 (2020)
atx-m 33/1.4 (2020)
atx-m 85/1.8 (2020)
Apparently designed by the Chinese manufacturer Viltrox, and then rebadged and sold by Tokina at higher prices (with a surcharge for "Tokina" name)
SZX 400/8 Mirror (2020)Kenko design
atx-i 17-35/4 (2020)
atx-i 11-20/2.8 (2020)
atx-i 100/2.8 macro (2019)
atx-i 11-16/2.8 (2019)
FIRIN 100/2.8 macro (2019)
opera 16-28/2.8 (2019)
Just cosmetic updates of Tokina's own old designs
opera 50/1.4 (2018)Pentax design sold by Tokina under license for digital SLR cameras of other systems

FIRIN 20/2 MF & AF models (2016 and 2018 respectively) appear to be the last lenses designed by Tokina. Unfortunately, Tokina is gradually evolving from a good third-party manufacturer to a marketing machine. The company produced competitive lenses in the SLR era, but never caught up with other manufacturers in terms of autofocus motors and optical image stabilization.

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