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On the pages of this blog we will talk about the main changes on the website (new features, bug fixes, etc.), as well as further directions for its development. There will be no announcements, tests or reviews of lenses here - you should visit other blogs for that information.


Our website, without any exaggeration, is the world's largest credible camera lens database. Despite the fact that the website has been on the lens-db.com domain since July 03, 2017, the database is, in fact, much older - we began to form it since July 6, 2012. At the moment, the database contains all popular APS-C, 35mm full-frame and medium-format systems, so vintage systems won't be added anymore. But, of course, with the introduction of new modern mirrorless systems, they will also be included in the database (we do not expect new SLR or rangefinder systems anymore).

Our database exists in versions for Russian-speaking and English-speaking users. Versions in other languages are not planned due to the huge amount of information that needs to be translated. Besides, the administrator only speaks Russian and English.

How can you help us?

At this stage of website’s existence, you, as a visitor, may leave your feedback on the lenses you used in the past or use now, inform us about errors in specifications, lens descriptions or website engine, donate money for maintaining the website and advertise your products, works and services directly related to photography. And, of course, share links to our website on social media, if you believe that our website is really useful and deserves that as many people as possible should use it. Besides, the website is absolutely free, and registration is not required.

Ongoing tasks

  • Maintain the website until the photographic technologies to which the website is dedicated remain relevant and users are interested in receiving information about them;
  • Improve the database: find and fix errors (if any), add descriptions and missing information, add new lenses announced by manufacturers;
  • Improve website design and presentation of information from the database.

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