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About original and current market prices for lenses

Recently, some users of our website have been questioning us in the comments about original or current market prices of certain lenses. Typically, these questions are due to the fact that such users plan to sell lenses on marketplaces (for example, eBay).

Please be informed that our website specializes solely in providing information on lens specifications and descriptions. Moreover, the website is non-commercial - we do not sell lenses or track their prices. It's just not interesting to us. Therefore, we cannot help you determine the original or current market price of a particular lens.

Besides, such questions seem to appear on our website due to the fact that there is an online database of current market prices of popular autofocus and manual focus lenses with a similar name lens$db: http://www.jcolwell.ca/photography/lens$db/index.htm

With this in mind, for all questions related to determining the price of a particular lens, please refer to the mentioned above website.

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